More Crumb photos

From Edel Rodriguez, some nice photos of last week’s R. Crumb art opening at the Society of Illustrators.


Progress report

Uh oh, when The Beatdips into the Cover Browser you know it’s one of those “I’m all stressed out!” posts. Indeed, I’m finishing a VERY big and vital project and just can’t keep up with everything going on. (Yes yes, Ron Granito, I know.) I’m very sorry. There are times I jut sit staring into space and wish I had a day where I could do nothing but read email, accept Facebook requests and drink coffee. That day is as likely as a day where I do nothing but shop at Prada and Bottega Veneta, but…you never know!


R. Crumb exhibit: When Crabapple met Crumb

Friday night’s opening fro the R. Crumb exhibit at the Society of Illustrators in NYC, was — no surprise — jammed to the rafters with the who’s who of the local scene. The man himself was on the premises but the notoriously shy cartoonist sat with Aline at a back table where only a few came to pay homage.


Nice art: Peter Bagge covers Reason magazine

Regular Reason magazine contributor Peter Bagge does this month’s cover, featuring education reformer Michelle Rhee. Pete was kind enough to send us the cover sans type.


Linkage: Marvel, Schutz, Snyder

§ At the now-you-must-pay-to-read New York Times, Dave Itzkoff sums up Marvel and the comics zeitgeist with a story called: Marvel Faces a Mighty Foe – Publishing World Uncertainties:


Weekend con reports and links from across the nation

Comic-Con is now like the state fair, as events in Orlando, Memphis, Rockford, WI, and Kansas City took place over the weekend.


"Do you really think the families of Superman’s creators should be treated this way?"

Joanne Siegel, widow of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and the model for Lois Lane, died on February 12th at age 93 after spending most of her adult life helping her husband fight legal battle to get adequately compensated for creating the first and best known superhero of them all.

Before she died, she wrote a letter to Time Warner chairman Jeff Bewkes, asking for some civility. Nikki Finke has printed this letter and we’re taking the liberty of reprinting it because the topic is so germane to the matters we cover here.


Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules rules box office

And a stick figure shall lead them. The sequel WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES was the box office champion this week, knocking out Zack Snyder’s snappy looking SUCKER PUNCH, $24 million to $20 million. Based on Jeff Kinney’s immensely popular and charming Wimpy Kid series, the success of the film should come as no surprise. We caught a screening on Thursday as the guest of publisher Abrams, and laughed quite a bit — it isn’t as inventive as the books, but the film treats its characters with fondness, and the kid actors are all cute and funny. Plus Devon Bostick, who plays the evil older brother Rodrick, has “teen idol” written all over him in eyeliner. The humor is classic family stuff – one person we talked to compared it to “Christmas Story” and if it isn’t that good it does have the same kind of classic situations — a party out of control, a scary movie about a foot, a bathroom door without a lock.


Amy Adams will play Lois Lane in Superman reboot

Hooray! A grown woman will play the grown-up Lois Lane in the Superman reboot being prepped by Zack Snyder. Oscar-nominated Amy Adams will play the nosy reporter,

“There was a big, giant search for Lois,” Snyder said of the casting. “For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.”


Nice art: Chris G

ViaWarren Ellis. More here.


Diamond Data: Diamond Retailer Summit, 2011

On Thursday, March 17, Diamond hosted their “Dialogue with Diamond” panel as part of the Diamond Retailer Summit. Roger Fletcher, Diamond VP-Sales & Marketing, and Bill Schanes, VP-Purchasing, fielded questions and feedback from retailers.

Before taking questions from retailers, some data from 2010 was presented.


Weekend reading: HELLRAISER by Clive Barker, Christopher Monfette, and Leonardo Manco

Never afraid to try that free marketing thing, BOOM! Studios is launching their new HELLRAISER comic by making a FREE STORY available only in PDF and allowing everyone to post it. As Marketing Director Chip Mosher put it:


Scott Adams argues as well as he draws

Scott Adams is the author of the very popular workplace comic strip Dilbert. Although its humor is very accurate for those trapped in cubicle hell, it has also been held up over the years as an example of, er, declining standards in comic strip art. Still, it is very popular, a frequent object of refrigerator adornment and the books sell very well.

Scott Adams also has a blog. And one day he was asking what he should write about, and some men’s rights activists suggested that as a topic, (do these guys have a name, like Man Firsters?) so he wrote about men’s rights.

After he’d posted his little piece, he didn’t much like the comments he was getting, so he took it down. For some reason.


A least ONE nerd musical triumphs on Broadway

While the Spider-Man musical has been struggling along with all the momentum of an elderly man wearing roller skates trying to go up Lombard Hill after it has been covered with lard, another nerd-derived Broadway musical has opened with the fanfare of a million angels playing Handel’s Water Music while flying over a burning fireworks factory.


New JLA cartoon mashup not as funny as old one

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, they attempted alchemy by taking sound from Jersey Shore and playing it over the JLA cartoon.

The results were eh. But it does reference this early internet classic “Superfriends Whassup” which came out more than a decade ago, before YouTube, even:


Dude spends his free time making beautiful images of Kandor

Everyone needs a hobby. Artist Mike Kelley has a doozy.

He’s been devoting the last ten years to making glass imaged of Kandor, the lost Kryptonian “City in a bottle.” It seems that before Superman’s home planet was blown to smithereens, Brainiac stole the capital city of Kandor, shrank it down, and put it in a bottle, as we might save a ship or a guppy. Superman recovered the city in ACTION COMICS #242, and decided to keep it in the Fortress of Solitude, because nothing breaks up a lonely day like a tiny bottled city full of Kryptonians.