Spring '11 Xeric Grant winners

This spring’s Xeric Grant winners have been announced. Founded by Peter Laird, the Xeric is presented to worthy cartoonists to provide them with funds to print their projects. A total of $31,158 was awarded for seven comic book projects.  The Foundation has awarded in excess of $2.4 million to comic book creators and nonprofit organizations since its first grant cycle in September 1992.

Forbidden Planet NYC moving to larger space?

While New York City is home to a lineup of great comics shops that make it one of the biggest comics markets in the US, several small bumps have hit the store community of late. There was an ownership change at Cosmic Comics; a fire at St Marks Comics; and Forbidden Planet, long a staple of the busy Union Square retailer district, is looking for a larger space. EV Grieve was the first to spot a real estate listing for FP’s 13th and Broadway location, but manager Jeff Ayers said it was in order to expand:

BOOM! Kids rebrands as Kaboom! adds PEANUTS

What a difference two letters make; just by adding a syllable, BOOM! has made its kid’s line even more kid friendly, as the graphic above suggests.

Although the Pixar license has gone back to Disney/Marvel, BOOM! is still publishing classic Disney materials, including Barks and Rosa, and the successful Disney Afternoon line, which just added DuckTales, and now, according to this image, is adding Peanuts to its lineup.