NICE ART UPDATE: Simonson provides THE MIGHTY THOR variant cover

The new THE MIGHTY THOR #1 by Fraction and Coipel will have several variant covers, including one by Walt Simonson himself. The book goes on sale 4/27.

More from that Henry & Glenn Forever! Art Show

In case the bare listing hadn’t entranced you, check out the rest of the art in the Henry & Glenn Forever! art show opening tonight in LA. The works are based on Tom Neely’s comic imagining a domestic sitcom starring Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig. Above art by Kiyoshi Nakazawa.

To do tonight: Henry & Glenn Forever! Art Show at La Luz de Jesus

More info here.

To do tonight: Richard McGuire at Parsons

I haven’t written adequately about the “Cartoon Polymaths” show currently up at Parsons, the NYC art school that teaches design and illustration. It is a concise but museum-level show about cartooning and cartoonists that really sets a new standard for how these subjects can be covered. Aside from showing movies and puppets and small Marischal-designed houses, it also has its own NEON SIGN. Wow. Curator Bill Kartalopoulos really outdid himself and got Parsons’ taleted design crew on board with a fantastic installation.

Anyway, if you haven’t gone yet, tonight is the night to see a talk with pioneering artist Richard McGuire, who was multi-media before it was in fashion. Deets below.

NICE ART: Ditko's doings

Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko is mostly known these days as a cranky recluse who refuses to talk about any of his Marvel experiences, but he’s actually an active cartoonist who has an apartment full of art. Jog brings you up to speed with his recent output.

Fandom's Big Bang: Alter Ego

As tweeted by Dave Gibbons, Pat Curley recounts the very beginnings of comics fandom — a historic confluence of Julius Schwartz, Jerry Bails and Roy Thomas — and shows that even then the feedback loops of fandom and editorial were closely aligned:

Henry Cavill wears Superman suit with confidence

This week’s EW contains the first photos of Henry Cavill “as” Superman — if you call wearing a T-shirt dressing as Superman. According to the story, the first time he wore the duds, the handsome Englishman was able to overcome the inherent silliness of the panties and cape look:

Marvel announces BIG SHOTS

Hm, top creators (we’re guessing) on new titles. Sounds like the way things used to be in the olden (Marvel Knights, MAX) days before events drove the horse. Will these be real re-imaginings for Daredevil, Punisher, and Moon Knight?

Wait and see.

Linkage — 2/18/11

A few notes from around.

Telltale to produce Walking Dead and Fables video games

No surprise at these licenses: Telltale Games, the innovative downloadable video game company, has signed on to produce games for both THE WALKING DEAD and FABLES, joining BACK TO THE FUTURE and JURASSIC PARK on their slate.

New full-length Thor trailer delivers

Ooookay, NOW we are cooking! You know that part where Thor throws his hammer right in the dude’s face?

That was alright.