Just Mostly Gross, Funny Fun: An Interview with CHEW Writer John Layman

On the occasion of the German edition of Chew, which recently debuted from Cross Cult Verlag, I had the opportunity to talk to Layman about the series, his prospects in the comics industry and his experiences at WildStorm. An abbreviated and translated version of the interview, which was conducted via e-mail over the course of several weeks, appears in Chew ā€“ Bulle mit Biss 1: Leichenschmaus. The book can be purchased here, here or here, among other places. (Disclosure: Iā€™m the translator.)

Does Adrianne Palicki have the goods to play Wonder Woman?

We’re sure you’ve all heard by now, Friday Night Lights’ Adrianne Palicki has been cast as Wonder Woman in the pilot being made for NBC. Palicki is 5’11” and her performance as the town vixen on the football drama won her a lot of attention. But does she have what it takes to play a vigilante who is also a successful high-powered executive who enjoys ice cream sleepovers?