Spider-musical injury attorney: Thanks Frank Gublin!

It’s funny because it’s true.


Stumptown unveils official poster by Brandon Graham

Zeitgeisty Brandon Graham covers the Stumptown Comics Fest, to be held April 16-17, in Portland, OR.


Courtney Simmons named SVP Publicity for DC Entertainment

The new DC Entertainment has added another high-powered ex-Disney West Coaster to its roster as Courtney Simmons has filled the position of SVP of Publicity. The current New York-based publicity team of David Hyde, Pamela Mullins, and Austin Trunick will report to Simmons, who has worked for Disney, Sony and Lego — we’d say that covers it all.


Shableski leaving Diamond to start GN division at JeffCorwinConnect

John Shableski, sales manager at Diamond Book Distributors, is leaving the company to start a new line of GNS for JeffCorwinConnect, PW reports.

In his three years at Diamond, Shableski had worked closely with book fairs, libraries, and indie booksellers to get more graphic novels on their radar. In his new position, he’ll join Animal Planet personality Corwin in starting a line of YA GNs for the trade and educational markets:


All your base has belonged to us for 10 years

Hard to believe it’s been a decade since this, one of the very earliest of internerd memes. Someone set us up the bomb.

Then this was piquant and fresh. Now it’s Tosh.0. Luckily the internet is being used for more useful things, like toppling dictators.

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, the original flash was made by BadCRC of Tribalwar.com.


Toy Unfair? Did toy companies do right by fan sites?

As comic-cons become bigger and bigger, pop culture events one things is true: Media members like to complain about things. Nasty publicists, poor access, no Wi-Fi, crappy coffee in the press room. The same is true of the toy sphere, and at this year’s Toy Fair, the toy media felt they got the short end of the pogo stick. It was definitely an odd situation. As big companies rely on fan media to get the word out about their products to the lucrative collector markets, the way they do it is being constantly reinvented.


Wizard World Digital to launch February 23

While running around Toy Fair, we ran into Wizard’s Gareb Shamus, who told us that the new Wizard World Digital will launch February 23 as a free app for iPads, iPhones, and online. It will be ad supported. He stressed that the new incarnation of the magazine will take advantage of all the things you can do on the internet.


MAC Wonder Woman totes and tee available online

MAC’s Wonder Woman cosmetics have blurred the line between chic and geek and created excitement among lady nerds everywhere. But it’s just not rouge and pomade: You can buy Mike Allred-drawn Wonder Woman merchandise online.
We don’t need another tote bag — lordy, we don’t — and yet somehow we need that one.


Quote of the day: Gerhard

Don’t draw the bricks; draw the wall.


Nice Art: Law & Order tribute art

Last year artist Brandon Bird organized an art show paying tribute to TV’s eternally running procedural, Law & Order, entitled These are Their Stories:

Each piece is an artist’s interpretation of a one-line episode summary from the DirecTV program guide (full list of titles artists could pick from). Like the series that inspired them, they are sometimes straightforward and sometimes offer a twist; sometimes they contain no easy answers, and sometimes they are just plain goofy.


Comic Relief closes; new store to open — UPDATE

To the surprise of few, Comic Relief, the once groundbreaking but recently troubled Berkeley comics shop, has closed, according to word on the street and an actual sign on the door posted by Image’s Branwyn Bigglestone.