RIP: Joanne Siegel

Joanne Siegel, the widow of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and inspiration for the Lois Lane character, passed away today at age 93. Her death comes only a few days after Jerry Siegel’s childhood home in Cleveland, OH was restored and the streets in front of it honorarily renamed Joe Shuster Lane and Lois Lane.

Columbia announces official title, The Amazing Spider-Man, and releases first webslinger pic

Columbia has just released the FIRST official picture of Andrew Garfield in full, mask-on Spidey-garb and revealed that the next Spider-Man movie will be called THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. A fine title. Directed by Marc Webb from a script by James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves, the film will be released July 3, 2012.

Valentine's Day special: Barbie and Ken reunite

Also in keeping with this special day of love, after a troubling seven-year stretch in which they were separated, Barbie and Ken are together again. Although they had dated steadily since their days as surfers together in Malibu in the early ’60s, they gradually drifted apart over the years. After Barbie left Ken for Blaine, another, younger surfer dude, Ken entered an “experimental” period that involved Fire Island, waxing, and watching Glee. But it’s been announced — just in time for Toy Fair — that these two dolls are really soulmates in vinyl.

Valentine's Day special: Haspiel, Moby amd Kramer team for motion comic

Hero Complex has debuted a holiday themed motion comic called “The Angel” by Dean Haspiel and Daniel J. Kramer with a soundtrack by Moby. Since it was created to be a motion comic it’s actually entertaining! It’s kind of an animation/poetry/music video mashup more than a comic but we’re not really keeping score at this point.

Vertigo announces STRANGE ADVENTURES anthology with SPACEMAN

Anthology comics are considered sales poison these days so few are launched, which is a shame because there is a horde of talent out there that would shine in the short-form format. Vertigo is giving it a whirl with STRANGE ADVENTURES, an anthology which will launch in May and include eight ten-page SF stories. Highlights include the first chapter of SPACEMAN, the new Azzarello/Risso series. Peter Milligan, Scott Snyder, and Jeff Lemire will also be lending their talents to the book.

The cover is by Paul Pope but Mark Buckingham supplies a variant, seen above.

The Toyetic world of Green Lantern

Wandering the halls of the 2011 Toy Fair for even a few moments, it was hard to avoid Green Lantern — not only action figures (for both collectors and actual children) but costumes, board games, mugs, rings, and more, more, more. It’s all by design as this report from Variety details. It’s hard to overemphasize how important this summer’s Green Lantern movie is to Warners. This is potentially their new Star Wars, with a giant universe of aliens and adventure and a wisecracking, aspirational hero at the center. The promotional push at Toy Fair and the upcoming MAGIC apparel show is huge — but it isn’t an automatic slam dunk, hence the push: