EXCLUSIVE: Diamond teams with iVerse to offer in-store digital comics sales

Bam, the other shoe has dropped: as long anticipated, Diamond is starting a program to offer digital comics sales. Comics will be offered day-and-date exclusively through participating retailers — with a 30-day exclusive for these stores. Products offered include regular downloads for $1.99 with “Digital Plus” comics — extras offered with a print purchase — for $.99, all in hopes of becoming a revenue stream for stores and publishers alike.

First Look at Jim Woodring's Congress of the Animals cover

A new graphic novel by Jim Woodring? A mere year after the great WEATHERCRAFT? Yes, somehow, in between dreaming about his giant steel nib pen, Woodring managed to draw a whole new book. And Flog just debuted the cover.
As WEATHERCRAFT dealt with Manhog, this tome deals with Frank — CONGRESS OF THE ANIMALS is the first ever all new Frank OGN and it’s coming in May.

Must watch: CAT SH*T ONE

Because you can’t get enough surreal cartooniness today,. here’s the first episode of CAT SH*T ONE, an anime version of the war in the MIddle East starring violent bunnies and camels. It’s based on the manga series by Motofumi Kobayashi, which was set in the VIetnam War, but there’s plenty of guerilla war to go around for reboots. Sadly, the kitty kat Viet Cong in the original are replaced by camel terrorists here.