San Diego Comic-Con tickets sold out in seven hours, leaving fans spent

It didn’t take that long for tickets to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to sell out after they went on sale yesterday — but it did seem like an eternity for those who spent four+ hours hitting the F5 key in hopes of getting through.

The ticket site — run by indie ticketseller TicketLeap — went live at 9 am PST and immediately slowed to an excruciating halt — it never technically crashed. Those who persevered through fail screens eventually got tickets — by about 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST, all tickets were gone. We’ve already reported some of the bitter reports on twitter, but this really does seem to have been a year of massive frustration. The TicketLeap site took more than 35,000,000 hits during the ticket buying process…allowing for 100,000 tickets sold (let’s say), that’s 350 refreshes per person, but who knows how many actually TRIED to get on. No wonder that Isotope responded with the “FailFrog:”

Marvel Month-to-Month sales: December 2010

It’s not a great month for Marvel. In fact, it’s one of those rare months when DC had the largest share of the direct market, beating Marvel by 33% to 32% in dollar terms (though if you prefer the unit share, Marvel lead by 39% to 37%). In part, it’s because DC’s new Batman titles are doing very well – but as we’ll see, it’s also the case that Marvel just don’t have any really big titles out this month.

There are a couple of new ongoing series this month – WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS and HEROES FOR HIRE. Following the Shadowland crossover, DAREDEVIL reinvents itself as BLACK PANTHER. And there’s just one new miniseries – ULTIMATE COMICS DOOM. And that’s it, so far as new books.

Must read: Gareb Shamus

With all the changes at Wizard over the last year or so, CEO Gareb Shamus has been a tough interview to nail. Our own requests have gone unfulfilled for months, although everyone involved — including Shamus himself — has been friendly and professional about the matter. Thus it’s a great get for Valerie D’Orazio at MTV Geek to finally sit him down for a chat that covers the positives and negatives of recent Wizard moves. The entire interview is recommended but many observers are unlikely to be swayed by these kinds of statements:

RIP: Tura Satana

In her 72 years, Tura Satana learned karate, dated Elvis Presley, tracked down the men who raped her when she was 9, starred in FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!, was a noted burlesque dancer, broke her back, was married three times, had two daughters, and inspired the entire canon of gothabilly. Who knows how much of it is true, but she was pretty damn cool.