Borders Walking Dead fail

A pal snapped this recent photo at a local Borders.

Perhaps there is a reason they are in trouble.

MoCCA hires new director, registrar

Following the departure last year of Director Karl Erickson, MoCCA has just announced two new hires; Cartoonist Doug Bratton will fill the role of Museum Manager/Director of Development; and Mell Scalzi will join the museum as Registrar. Both have worked with the museum in the past. Bratton attended the Kubert School as a child, and […]

To Do tonight: Ivy release party at Floating Worlds

More info here.

To Do tonight: Cartoon Polymaths at Parsons, NYC

This looks amazing Through a mix of newspaper tearsheets, comics, puppets, posters, zines, wallpaper, toys, animated film clips, interactive media and more, Cartoon Polymaths showcases the broad range of several influential artists, including pioneering comic strip artist and animator Winsor McCay, illustrator and puppeteer Tony Sarg, iconic New Yorker artist Saul Steinberg, Spanish design legend […]

Sneak peek: Jughead moves in with Archie and chaos ensues

Archie Comics has been making tons of news of late, in case you haven’t noticed. In addition to all the digital initiatives they’ve recently announced, they’re also repurposing the famed Archie Marries storyline by making all the original issues available as digital comics.

2010 Webcomic List Award Winners

The winners of the 2010 Webcomics List Award have been announced — fittingly — in a webcomic. Winners were chosen by a panel of judges:

Although there is not a text list of winners, Brigid Alverson at Robot 6 made a print list:

Sales slide in January; Marvel tops DC, Image up — UPDATE

Overall, sales were dramatically down in January, with Marvel regaining their top at the spot with FF #587 but Image making their best showing in three years.

Hey baby! Cartoonist Gerry Alanguilan is Viral Video Star

We’ve often written about our admiration of the graphic novel ELMER by Gerry Alanguilan, both for its lush art and its daring, thoughtful storyline about a world where talking, thinking chickens struggle to be accepted as…people. But it turns out Alanguilan is much better known to the world at large as…”The Greatest Man On The Internet” thanks to a series of popular YouTube videos

Nice art: Toby Cypress and RODD RACER

Longtime readers of The Beat will know we are big fans of Toby Cypress’s strange but beautiful art, seen on things like Killing Girl and The Schizophrenic. It turns out he’s launching his own small press company, Punkrock*Jazz to publish his own work, starting with the long -awaited RODD RACER a Fritz Lang/Frank Robbins/Milton Caniif story about fast cars, crizy cities and a young racer who gets more than he bargained for. Back in the day, they would have called it “Widescreen” but then the screens got too small.

So whatcha up to, Trina Robbins and Tyler Page

While we were noting our one-year anniversary on our calendar, we also asked some of out pals and gals to update us on what they were up to, comics-wise, and a lot of them obliged. So we’ll be posting them as we go along. And we’ll keep doing more of it’s fun.