Apple goes from savior to overlord with new app purchase enforcement

Apple’s app stores — the middleman of all middlemen — have been the target of a stampede of old media magazines, newspapers, books and comics as the vehicle for sales in the new digital era. But several recent moves make it clear that Apple isn’t in this game as a helping hand for anyone. Or, to put it in a more neutral light, Apple is a PARTNER, not a platform.

The uh-oh feeling started yesterday when it was revealed that Apple had rejected Sony’s e-reader app. This app like the Kindle, Nook, and other “storefronts” sent buyers to a website where they could make purchases without incurring Apple’s 30% fee.

Aaron Colter leaves Dark Horse

Marketing Coordinator Aaron Colter tweeted and social networked yesterday that he and Dark Horse had parted ways. Colter was a whiz at Twitter and Facebook and all the other ways we talk today, and managed these fuctions for DH, but he also was, shall we say, irreverent — not perhaps the best image for a respected publisher. At any rate, maybe posting stuff like the attached image was a tweet too far.

EXCLUSIVE: Preview of Miss Fury from the Library of American Comics

Tarpé Mills is a name well known to comics historians, not only as one of the best of the female cartoonists of the war years, but as the creator and artist of Miss Fury, one of the first successful superheroine characters, which ran for nearly a decade as a sunday newspaper strip. It was a lively blend of outre characters, adventure and naughtiness. This April Dean Mullaney’s Library of American Comics is reprinting the best of the strips in a deluxe volume complete with an introduction by comics historian Trina Robbins. Mullaney provided a desception of the volume and this preview for our Anniversary week:

Career Week: The Strange Case of Black Lightning

While we’re spotlighting creators issues and outlooks here at Anniversary Week at The Beat, here’s an oldie but a goodie: The (Sad) Saga of Black Lightning’s Creation by Daniel Best which presents documents and drawings from writer Tony Isabella and artist Trevor von Eeden, the team known to have created Black Lightning’s first appearance. There’s some dispute over how the two should be credited — Isabella claims sole creative credit due to having come up with the character all on his own and described the costume and so on — but von Eeden has drawings but…we’ll we won’t get into that here. von Eeden doesn’t want the creator’s credit–or the royalties that come with it — but has his own opinions. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. As is well known, Isabella had the foresight to keep a piece of the character he had created independently of DC editorial — a move he thinks backfired…

To Do: Carl Barks art in NYC

Long story short, Heritage Auctions is selling six Donald Duck paintings by the great Carl Backs, and the paintings will be displayed at the Heritage Auctions location at 445 Park Avenue (at 57th Street) through Monday, February 14th.