DC sets up Flashpoint

There is a new DC event speeding towards us — this one spearheaded by Geoff Johns and based around the supersonic Flash. Several teasers have been released on the DCU Source blog, all hinting that this will be some kind of alternate reality thing — but today a few more details were released — and the cost is discussed, as much as $170 for the whole event.

Borders gets financing but publishers balky

It’s been a while since we checked in at Borders, the financially troubled book chain. The latest efforts have been towards getting financing and convincing publishers to take notes instead of payment, Jim Milliot reports. The first has been accomplished — GE Capital is offering $550 million in funding, contingent upon Borders doing a number […]

Angoulême fun-for-all: News roundup

The annual Angoulême comics festival is taking place over in France, and folks are blogging it like crazy. Tom Devlin and Peggy Burns from D&Q are having the best time ever obviously. And for those — like The Beat — who bitch and moan about having to stay at a hotel in San Diego more than 7 blocks from the convention center, the Burns-Devlin contingent is staying at a hotel 30 kilometres from city center. It helps when the hotel is a remodeled centuries old farmhouse and not a Days Inn, however — no complaints at all.

Surreal "Guardian Project" may be Stan Lee's greatest achievement yet

When it was announced that Stan Lee would be “creating” a bunch of superheroes to represent the 30 NHL hockey teams, it kind of whizzed by in the blizzard of such announcements of projects Lee was working on this year — he’s surely the world’s busiest octogenarian. However, as the characters are unveiled in anticipation of this weekend’s NHL All-Star Game where they will “come to life” via some unholy method, it’s becoming clear that these characters may in fact be his Clarinet Quintet, his Black Paintings — a twilight exploration of the themes that have preoccupied his work for a lifetime.