IDW launches Suicide Girls comic

Actress Brea Grant, artist David Hahn and cover artist Cameron Stewart are not a creative team to be taken lightly. The Suicide Girls are an early adapter in the “tattoo’d Goth Girls are sexy” derby, and for a subscription you can look at naked but kind of artful photos of lots of them, and the individual models have more of an empowered air about them than most naked girl sites. Anyway, a comic book.

Cartoonist Shaun Tan nominated for an Oscar®

Although this morning’s Oscar nominations revealed a paucity of comics-themed movies — IRON MAN 2’s SPX nom being the only one for Team Comics Movies — Australian cartoonist Shaun Tan was nominated in the Short Film (Animated) category. There’s a site for the film, THE LOST THING, which Tan directed, here. Tan is an award-winning […]

2 down, 48 other Cartoonist Laureates to go

In light of yesterday’s announcement of James Kochalka being appointed “country’s first ever” Cartoonist Laureate in Vermont, it appears that one other state has previously named a cartoonist laureate, Chad Carpenter. And what state would that be? Alaska. That’s right, the 50th state in terms of population density per square mile named a Cartoonist Laureate before states like Oregon, Washington, California, New York and the ever-burgeoning Vermont. These states are pregnant with cartoonists, illustrators, animators and graphic novelists. When asked about the erroneous credit The Center For Cartoon Studies co-founder, James Sturm, stated, “I should have known. Alaska is the only state in the country that has a longer cartooning season than Vermont.” For those down south, cartooning season lasts as long as there is snow on the ground and whiskey in your mug.

4th Annual International Manga Award Winners Annonced

Last week the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the winners of the 4th Annual International Manga Award. The International Manga Award – the “Nobel Prize of manga” was created by Former Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso to recognize the efforts of non-Japanese manga influenced artists worldwide. Here’s the full list of winners: The 4th […]