Archie drops the Comics Code…Wertham dead forever

After yesterday’s news that DC Comics was dropping the Comics Code, leaving Archie the last surviving member of the Comics Code Authority…comes word that Archie has also dropped the Code, starting with books on sale in February. The move will have no effect on content: But Pellerito said Archie’s decision has nothing to do with […]

Tonight to do: Brett-a-palooza at the Golden Apple, LA

Last year, writer Brett Lewis, author of the astonishing WINTERMEN, was attacked and suffered a life threatening head injury. With the help of friends, family and his own colossal stubbornness and fighting spirit, he’s still around to make us laugh and think. To celebrate his return, the Golden Apple is holding a party, and if there is ONE THING we would love to go to LA for, this would be it.

Russ Cochran Publishing in trouble?

From what we’re hearing, it’s going to be a rough year in the business end of comics — the herd will be thinned. And here’s one that’s lagging behind as the hyenas circle: Russ Cochran is one of the survivors of the pre-direct market days as an independent publisher, specifically known for his extensive reprinting of the EC comics long before classic comics reprints were commonplace. His publishing company was purchased by Diamond in 1993, and formed the foundation of much of the Gemstone line of EC and Disney reprints. While Gemstone’s actual publishing has been shut down (after running up hefty printing bills), Cochran continues to put out his own line of EC reprints, licensed through the Gaines Estates. However, according to a recent mailer, even that modest business is in trouble:

I’m going to have to be completely honest with you now. My business, which has been in existence since 1971…that’s FORTY YEARS…is in financial trouble, and unless something changes soon, I will be closing my doors before 2011 is over.

Marvel releases Formic Wars a day early to ComicsPRO

Marvel and the retailing community sometimes have a love/hate/love relationship, but here’s news that they are strongly supporting members of ComicsPRO, the retailer advocacy organization, by releasing Orson Scott Card’s FORMIC WARS: BURNING EARTH #1 a day early on Tuesday, February 15th to ComicsPRO member stores. Participating stores will also sell an exclusive poster. The regular sale date is Wednesday, 2/16.

ComiXology and ICv2 team for retailers

Here’s one of those announcements that looks super vague on paper but given the people involved, you know it will yield some results. ComiXology and Milton Griepp’s ICv2 are teaming up to help develop tools for retailers. ICv2 is, of course, best known for its sales estimates and business news. Although the leader in the digital comics space, comiXology has also developed a number of services for retailers, including their “pull list” — it’s not hard to see how that might work with ICv2 to give us some kind of useful metrics. Griepp is on the board of comiXology.