Publishing news: Archie's first OGN to take advantage of deal with Random House

Archie is going to publish its first OGN — and its in the foolproof “Archie Babies” format. Mike Kunkel (Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam) writes and Art Mawhinney does the art. The project was previously announced as a regular comics series but the new format allows them take advantage of Archie’s new distribution deal with Random House, says co-CEO Jon Goldwater:

1/20/11: Everyone's a critic

Well, someone had to do it: Sean T. Collins delves deep into Google cache and old wounds to give a critical look at the legacy of Dirk Deppey and ¡Journalista!. Like pretty much everyone we talk to, Collins feels that the recent ¡Journalista! as found on the revamped was not as effective as the earlier one. And Collins points out that Deppey himself had much to answer for in the woeful rollout of

Editorial: Dear, Content Maker… by Dean Haspiel

Sadly, the death rattle of print is shivering its way towards the way we currently package and distribute our wares, and marketing is a publishing luxury of the past. The good news? There is a new dawn on the horizon where the author will become the provider, publisher and publicist. Don’t let it daunt you. Continue to network, make strong allies, be aware, show up, and be gracious. The digital age was created by us, for us. If you can procrastinate one hour a day, you can certainly keep track of what’s what. Train your eye and keep tabs and make something new.