More Lynda Barry on tour and Montreal report

 If you missed the earlier stops, you can still see the one and only phenomenal Lynda Barry talking and inspiring: DO NOT MISS Lynda Barry on tour for PICTURE THIS in a city near you. Seeing Lynda Barry’s exceptional, inspirational presentation in person is something each and every fan should witness. Lynda has been […]

Official X-Men: First Class photos

Geoff Boucher got to ramble around the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS set yesterday, and hear about Matthew Vaughn’s anxiety about getting it finished, and James McAvoy’s take on playing Prof. X and so on. “We’re filming at the moment, we’ve a lot to get done,” said a weary Vaughn, whose credits include memorable but modest-grossing indie […]

Law and the Multiverse: an interview from the courthouse

Ever since their autumnal launch of Law and the Multiverse, James Daily and Ryan Davidson, two stalwart attorneys licensed to practice law in Missouri and Indiana respectively, have used not a brush or nib but the digital pen to question what many fates are in store for superheroes should the law of our land ever […]

Hathaway is Catwoman and Hardy is Bane in Dark Knight Rises

After months of speculation, we now know that Christopher Nolan isn’t giving up the Batman franchise without going into the sexy feminine side of the myth: Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES — and yes, that sounds pretty dirty. And the previously announced Tom Hardy will play back-breaker Bane, an escaped criminal who gets super strength after getting jacked on drugs. (Bane was responsible for breaking Batman’s spine in a ’90s comics storyline.)

Working for a living: Joe Casey

Always outspoken creator Joe Casey has another crack at pissing people off with his take on marketing, surviving in Hollywood, and his own brand of career advice in this exclusive interview.

To do: MEMOIR signing at Hanley's

We’ll see you there!

Authorities seize retailer's gun stash

Last week, retailer Travis Corcoran , owner of the Arlington, Mass. online retailer HeavyInk posted some repulsive comments on his personal blog about the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. We didn’t cover them because they were so obviously a sickening play for attention: “1 down, 534 to go.” After Bleeding Cool made the connection between Corcoran and the blog (which the retailer has since removed), creators tweeted that they didn’t want to be sold at HeavyInk, and Corcoran responded with several rambling, defiant blog posts:

New Shanower comic in CLASSICS AND COMICS

Get an exclusive peak at a new comic by Eric Shanower.

Nice art: Texting Kills by Otis Frampton

These days we live in.

Tumbling Tumblr blogs: Kanye + Comics

It is impossible not to feel that this Kanye + Comics blog unites the voice for our times with some kick-ass comics panels.

Comics culture: MF Doom's Operation: Doomsday gets spiffy new release

MF Doom is one of the peripheral players of comic-dom — a hip hop stylist who wears an iron mask, originally based on Doctor Doom. He also frequently slips nerd-referenced samples and lyrics into his work (notably on Dangerdoom), and his team-up with Madlib — known as Madvillain — produced the comics-themed video below. Now […]