Here’s a small preview of DENIS KITCHEN’S CHIPBOARD SKETCHBOOK, which presents some of his distinctive work from another medium — cardboard! The book, published by BOOM!, goes on sale tomorrow. Following on the heels of THE ODDLY COMPELLING ART OF DENIS KITCHEN, an overview of the pioneering underground cartoonist published this summer by Dark Horse […]

Firstish looks: Spider-Man in action; possible X-Men First Class

A few set photos floating around this afternoon are of interest for various reasons. ¶ A fan on the street snapped a shot of a Spider-Man action scene underway in LA. Can you see what is wrong with this picture? ANSWER: IT IS BEING SHOT IN LA. Feh. Faw. Their Spring Street is not like […]

PR: deLaine replaces Gomez at Image

Via PR, official confirmation of Sarah deLaine replacing Betsy Gomez as Image Comics’ PR & Marketing Coordinator. deLaine is a long time Image staffer and formerly worked at Comic Relief.

Things to do: Web-Comics on Ice

Via Fleen

Artists: Are you guilty of the "Smarm brow"?

LACKADAISY artist Tracy J. Butler delivers some notes on cartooning and facial expressions. Her examples are anthropomorphic, but can be applied to all “cartoony” ‘tooning styles.

Nice art: Brecht Evens’ Night Animals

Belgian cartoonist Brecht Evens made quite a splash with THE WRONG PLACE from D&Q, and the upcoming NIGHT ANIMALS (Top Shelf, March) looks to continue the buzz.

Green Hornet news roundup

Despite reviews which ranged from pleasantly amused to fuming accusations of being one of the worst movies of all time, GREEN HORNET managed to lead at the box office with $40.5 million over the four-day holiday. That was doubtless inflated by the 3D conversion, so, sadly, studios will keep doing it and keep making movies less watchable.

Image and Top Cow reorganize

Some changes at Image Comics, which had a dynamite 2010 with the success of WALKING DEAD and many new series. As announced in a press release, Top Cow, which has functioned pretty much independently of Image for marketing and PR, will be moving some of its operations to the Image Central office, coordinating more production, marketing and sales efforts. Top Cow had a big hit in 2010 with ARTIFACTS, a big event crossover for their long running WITCHBLADE and DARKNESS franchises, but they don’t have a huge publishing program and some consolidation seems like a move to strengthen both companies.

Another voice on digital

Over at the CO2 blog, Gerry Giovinco suggests that in all the app madness, we’re missing something petty obvious:

Tumbling Tumblr blogs: A Nice Cup of Comics

In the ever proliferating world of highly focused Tumblrs about comics, how can one not adore A Nice Cup of Comics which features people having a nice hot cuppa? Above, Wolverine Tea Party by Mike Maihack; below, Cap from TRUTH: RED, WHITE, AND BLACK #7 by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker.