Diamond stops shipping to Borders

As Borders struggles to dig itself out of debt, it has suspended payments to its vendors. And several publishers have stopped shipping to the book chain. Now add Diamond Book Distributors to that list. They have informed their clients that since Borders has suspended payments to them, DBD is suspending product shipments and has put […]

2010 sales charts wrap-up: Creators are king

With Diamond’s year-end sales charts released, along with year-to-year comparisons, the pundits are out in force, making all kinds of observations and suggestions. We’ll try to run them down in an orderly fashion but you might want to get a cuppa…there are a lot of them,. We’ve bolded things for skimmers, however.

First off, heroic John Jackson Miller has taken all the sales charts and given us the Top 1000 Comics and Top 1000 GNs of 2010. Jackson finds softening in every region of the periodical chart:

Archie goes day and date with digital comics

Long-running comics publisher Archie is taking the plunge to become the first comics publisher to put its entire line for sale in print and digital at the same time, it’s been announced on their blog. DC announced day and date with BATMAN BEYOND last week, but this is the first time a publisher has made the whole line available. The policy goes into effect on April 1, and will include KEVIN KELLER #1, starring the popular gay character.

Kate Beaton goes to D&Q

The big news of the day: D&Q has picked up Kate Beaton and will publish her next collection, HARK! A VAGRANT.

Beaton’s current print outlet is the Topatoco edition of Never Learn Anything from History, which, every time we’ve seen Beaton at a show — is sold out. Grrrrrr. It isn’t clear from the PR if this is a new edition of that material or all new but the word “next” suggests the latter.

GN News: Marzi and Delirium at Vertigo

The Vertigo blog has some news and art this am, a new blurb for AARON & AHMED, the GN by Jay Cantor and James Romberger. Also news of MARZI by Marzena Sowa and Sylvain Savoia, sort of a Polish PERSEPOLIS about a young girl growing up in ’80s Poland. Interestingly, this is NOT an original GN but a translation of the original, which was published in France, a bit of a change for the imprint. (That’s the Spanish version above.)