When love turns violent: Watch Boo Boo kill Yogi

Back in August we noted that the upcoming Yogi Bear movie appeared to be horror film about deviant sex, based on the perverted poster.

When we finally saw the trailer in theaters, we suggested in jest that shooting the filmmakers was the only way to stop this abomination.

It turns out someone had a similar idea.

Except it was instead to show Booboo shooting Yogi to get a measly $5000 in blood money reward.

Prepare to be skeeved: Dolls of the Cons

Jody Culkin is an artist, photographer, and teacher. Thanks to being married to PW comics maven Calvin Reid, she’s also a veteran of many comics and book shows. Camera in hand, she has chronicled the activities and faces of the past seven or eight years of comic cons — her work can often be found in PW Comics Week.

But she also has a hobby.

Comics invade Singapore with international band of scalawags

The Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention was held this weekend in Singapore (where it’s now Tuesday), and the excitement for comics seems to have taken hold in this emerging comics nation. The show is notable in that is was purchased by ReedPOP, owner of such domestic fests as New York Comic-Con and C2E2. The guest list was a merry band of international scoundrels, including Phil Yeh, Phil Ortiz, C.B. Cebulski, Matt Fraction, Gail Simone, and Ivan Brandon from the US, Salvador Larroca from Spain, David Lloyd from the UK, Guiseppe Camuncoli from Italy, and, as the wise-cracking gentle giant , Croatia’s Esad Ribic. If you were going to cast a comic book convention movie where people have to fight aliens or fend off a killer or fly off to an asteroid to something, you could not have a better bunch. We can just picture the scenes where Fraction must dismantle the alien’s guidance system, or Yeh offers to let them read an issue of The Winger Tiger in our mind’s eye.

Kalinara and Ragnell return

Fandom’s deadliest duo are back: Ragnell (Lisa Fortuner) and Kalinara (Melissa Krause) are two writers who founded the link blog When Fangirls Attack and set off a whole generation of conversation and outrage. A few years ago they passed WFA to others due to real life stuff — Ragnell is in the Armed Forces, and Kalinara was in school — but it’s kind of foundered since they left — two posts explaining why there are no posts since October. So R&K are back with a NEW link blog Dispatches From The Fridge,

The coming of Kodansha, part 2

Yesterday Japanese publishing giant Kodansha held an event to announce their 2011 manga plans. This was fortuitous because since they have launched their American imprint, observers have noted their output has been minimal given the depth of their catalog. In October it was announced that Del Rey Manga would end and its Kodansha licensed titles would go over to Kodansha proper, while Random House would act as distributor. With that in mind the list is quite ambitious, and includes a mix of pick-ups from Del Rey, new titles and some titles formerly licensed by other US publishers:

Nice Art: Becky Cloonan's My Chemical Romance poster

This month’s Rock Sound magazine has a big poster of My Chemical Romance drawn by Becky Cloonan. You may recall that the new MCR album is very very SF, and Cloonan is supposed to be drawing a comic written by frontman Gerard Way that ties in with the adventures of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Nice, but where’s Grant Morrison?