Walking Dead Recap: Don’t have a fish fry during a Zombiepocalypse

Walking Dead Recap: Don’t have a fish fry during a Zombiepocalpse Season 1/Episode 4: Vatos Last week’s Walking Dead saw what’s left of the survivors’ families ripped apart by severed limbs, interrupted wife beatings, and hastily put together racist rescue missions.  So it was fitting that the fourth episode started off with hottie sisters, Amy and Andrea, […]

New Green Hornet trailer

The Michael Gondry-Seth Rogen-Jay Chou disaster experiment has a new trailer that looks more coherent than past, unsure models. We never thought we’d say this, but Seth Rogen looks almost TOO slim in some shots! We can’t wait to go see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part 1 tonight and see this and Green […]

C2E2 announces Bendis as a GoH, more guests

We know everyone is just settling in with some peppermint sticks and grog for the holidays, but next year’s convention schedule is fast approaching, and C2E2 is the first potentially big one on the horizon, coming March 18-20. The first guests have been announced, and they include Brian Michael Bendis as a Guest of Honor, […]