Marvel vs. Tokidoki

While we were out and about in NYC’s Soho the other night, we also snapped some pics of the Tokidoki store, bedecked with adorable images from their Marvel line of T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and skateboards. It’s been out for a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less cute, especially that Silver Surfer.

DC's 75th anniversary marked by huge tome

We had a few moments to stop by a signing for 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking last night, and snapped a picture of author Paul Levitz, DC’s Steve Korte, and Taschen Art Director Josh Baker. I have seen a lot of books about comics, but I have never seen a more beautiful one than this — the reproductions are incredibly crisp and vibrant, and there are double page pull-outs, charts and even a chromium insert to mark the “modern age.” With the text, Levitz proves that if knowing everything there is to know about a company’s history qualifies you to run that company, he was the best qualified president in history.

A month of Previews: Dungeon Monstres by Killoffer

It’s one of the more notable aspects of the Franco-Belgian comics scene that there’s no stigma either way for comics experimentalists to create genre work. Thus the trailblazing cartoonists of L’Association have variously worked on children’s comics and most light-hearted fare with great success. Such a work is Lewis Trondheim’s DONJON, which NBM has been publishing in the US. DONJON is a sprawling satirical fantasy about anthropomorphic warriors in a magical, ludicrous kingdom. It’s a darkly whimsical epic that’s a mash-up of D&D, CEREBUS, GROO, and any number of works by headliners Trondheim and Joann Sfar.

Doran launches valiant, probably futile piracy counterattack

Has the pirate menace changed the creative business model for good? Most would say so, but some people are still fighting back. Up on The Hill, Colleen Doran launches a spirited counter attack on piracy:

A month of Image teasers: "So who else is gunning for me?"

We’re sticking with this to the end!

John Allison's UK Indie Comics Manifesto

Bad Machinery and Scary Go Round creator John Allison has just returned from attending some comics events in the USA and he’s written a 10 point manifesto about what he believes is wrong with the UK indie comics scene. It’s useful reading for anyone involved in making comics, whether they live in the UK or […]

The Dandy Relaunch

Launched in 1937 The Dandy is the oldest still-running comic in the UK, and the third oldest in the world. The weekly kids’ humour comic and its characters have become a part of UK culture, with such characters as Desperate Dan, Bananaman, and Korky the Cat known to generations of fans. Late last month The […]

To do tonight: CF and Chippendale at the Strand

The boys are on tour to promote Powr Mastrs and If ‘n’ Oof. Tonight, The Strand. Tomorrow, Portland, OR and Fraction at Floating World..

To Do tonight: Denys Wortman

Long-lost cartoonist of everyday New York life gets museum show. details, explanations, artwork at the D&Q blog.
The artwork is lush and keenly observed. It should be seen.

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival reveals complete schedule

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival has announced all its programming and several satellite events, including a showing of rare films and two art openings. In addition Françoise Mouly has joined as a guest and will speak. How on earth are you supposed to run around and buy comics AND go to all these interesting panels?

Kibbles 'n' Bits 11/18/10

Male literacy may depend on comic books; Kyle Baker’s sex positions cause problems; Steranko analyzed at length.

More stuff at AdDistro

Chris Pitzer announces more books AdDistro, his indie distributor, including Ada by Atak & Gertrude Stein. More good stuff in link. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Little Gloomy cartoon on the way, renamed Scary Larry

Landry Walker and Eric Jones’ Little Gloomy, a staple of the goth comics world for years, is being adapted into a cartoon called Scary Larry. Unfortunately, as of now, it is only being seen in France:

Superman lawsuit is speeding along again

After a delay due to a procedural matter, the Superman lawsuit is back on. This case is more complicated than a DC crossover event, but the bottom line is that depositions by the heirs of Siegel and Shuster — Joanne Siegel, Laura Siegel Larson, Jean Peavy and Mark Peavy — are now taking place.

Fantagraphics vs Cool Guy

This profile of the Seattle Fantagraphics store in a college newspaper gives us all a chance to admire their gold leaf signage, but it also presents yet another example of the eternal conflict of art and people with mustard in their goatees as they argue the merits of graphic novels in bookstores and what that means for bathroom privileges.

Happy birthday, Alan Moore!

Moore is 57 years old today, and it gives us a great excuse to post this illo by Dylan Horrocks of Moore as Tom Strong.