Coming Attractions: Holidays 2010

Were you a good boy or girl this year? Did you avoid Internet snark, practice goodwill towards your fellow human being, and cross with the light? Yeah, neither did I. So, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, I offer the following list of graphic novel gift books, designed to help you assuage your guilt, […]

Spotted From The Watchtower

As The Beatrix, on vacation up country, deals with the new server and its delusion that it’s an electronic bulletin board from 1982, I am performing caretaker duties here at Stately Beat Manor. So, some links… Over at The Comics Journal, Tom Crippen posts two reprints of Gahan Wilson’s Nuts comic strip, which originally ran […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve got much to be thankful for this day — good family, friends and health — and even with all the tech problems at the new Beat, things are pretty much okay. However, one thing we can’t do is upload images to The Beat, so until we figure out the folder permissions, wishing you and […]

Under construction

We’re still kicking the tires and adding air here at Stately Beat Manor with our new server. Unfortunately, The Beat is a large, complex, dynamic website and it takes up a lot of web resources, so we haven’t found the right level of power yet — or the images. Developing. In the meantime, everyone have […]

New day, new server

The Beat will be moving servers tonight, from the insanely expensive one to a slightly less expensive one. There will be no posting until our Operatives give the go-ahead and there might be some wonkiness in the morning, as well. As soon as everything is safe and sound in the new spot, we’ll give you an earful on our hosting advice.

Butler and Lee do Emma at Marvel

Fresh off her much-admired art for RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN, Janet K. Lee is next adapting Emma for Marvel’s line of Jane Austen comics. NY Times best selling author Nancy Butler does the writing, as she did on SENSE AND SENSIBILITY and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Emma Woodhouse, a young privileged woman living in nineteenth […]