NYCC 10 Party Poop — Thursday and Friday — UPDATED

Wow, this is going to be a VERY crowded schedule! There are a ton of things to do throughout New York Comic-Con and no matter what you choose, you’re sure to get a little cultural edification, whether it’s comics of Kirby Krackle. There are so many events and parties we had to slit this into two. We’ll have Saturday’s line-up later on.

Arcana acquires Devils Due characters

Via PR, Arcana, publisher of such titles as Banzai Girl and Gearhead, has acquired a bunch of characters from the library of Devils Due Publishing, including Mercy Sparx, Defex and Breakdown.

DDP has been floundering of late, with late payment to creators, problems with Diamond and a reduced or nonexistent publishing schedule. The titles sold represent most of the original IP developed at the company by publisher/owner Josh Blaylock. Devils Due’s most successful original series, hack/slash moved to Image in March; most of their other recent publications were licensed — Spartacus — or parody — Barack the Barbarian.

Tonight To Do: Vanessa Davis at The Strand

Vanessa Davis’ new book, Make Me A Woman will confirm her spot as one of the leading cartoonists and humorists of her generation. No story is too painful to tell-like how much she enjoyed fat camp-nor too personal-like her stories of growing up Jewish in Florida. Using her sweet but biting wit, Davis effortlessly carves […]

Help save Steve Rude's house by buying great art

Want to buy some of the best comics art available anywhere and do a good deed, too?

Tom Spurgeon has details of artist Steve Rude’s efforts to raise money to prevent foreclosure on his house. Rude is running a bunch of auctions at bargain prices. Rude is a much-beloved comics creator who is among the premiere artists of his generation and this is no charity but the chance to own some iconic art that will only increase in value.

Tales of Snyder, Aronofsky, Siegel, Shuster and superheroes

Did Zack Snyder get the Superman gig because he’s the only director in town who could get the baggage-heavy franchise back in production before 2011? That’s what Claude Brodesser-Akner is reporting over at Vulture. And why 2011? It’s not because of the Mayan calendar, but rather a deadline of another sort. Based on their filings for copyright reversion (which Warner Bros. has pulled out every trick in the book to stop) the Siegel family will regain control of their half of Superman in 2013, with the Joe Shuster heirs expected to get theirs back soon after. So a movie has to get made before then.