One Moment in Time preview

Marvel has sent out preview pages of the “One Moment in time” storyline by Joe Quesada and Paolo Rivera, and since we’re big fans of Rivera we thought we’d pass them along. Plus, you don’t need balloons to see how THIS marriage plays out. And talk about supervillains — MJ’s smiling, eager face might just be the scariest thing most single men will ever see in their lives.

True Blood Recap: S2E2 — F*ckin’ Werewolves

Season 3: Episode 2 – Beautifully Broken by Shannon O’Leary Before the episode started, there was an announcement to stay tuned for a special Snoop Dog Tribute to Sookie video. I’ve got a thing for Snoop Dog so this made me go, “Oooo.” But right afterwards I was all, “Aw yeaaaaahhhh,” when the action started […]

But…will GN sales be UP in 2010?

Even as the previous item showed graphic novel sales down from last year, Sandy Bilus has posted a list of books to look forward to for the rest of the year, and if you can’t find a few things to get all excited about, you are not a comics-lover. OUr own, eager-beaver list would include: […]

May DM estimates up — so are periodicals

ICv2 has posted its sales estimates for May,  and AVENGERS led the pack with a strong number as overall periodical sales went up by a healthy margin. 163,867 Avengers #1 113,752 Siege #4 108,534 Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1 106,750 Secret Avengers #1 103,326 Brightest Day #1 (*) 93,606 Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne […]

Spiegelman dances about comics

The Boston Globe has a full report on a new comics/dance collaboration, to wit: Art Spiegelman, lit comics mainstay, is teaming with the famed Pilobilus dance troupe for a “multimedia homage to early-20th-century cartoons” called “Hapless Hooligan in ‘Still Moving’,’’ which premieres Thursday at Dartmouth College’s Hopkins Center for the Arts. The piece will feature characters based on Happy Hooligan, and Little Lulu and includes an homage to early animator Oskar Fischinger. Pilobilus is known for its abstract, athletic dance, and this piece includes dancers interacting with projected word balloons and other comics elements.

Upcoming: James Jean’s RIFT

James Jean’s next art book, Rift (Chronicle Books), will debut at San Diego. Jason Sacher at the Meathaus blog has a preview:

Featuring 15 accordion-style gold-foil-stamped panels and a series of interconnected landscapes (that change depending on how they’re folded) and James’ sketch-work on the reverse side, it’s a really a sight to behold.

Speaking of Jean, over at his website, he’s tearing it up, going into whole new places.

And what DOES Shaft think about cosplayers, anyway?

If you read ONE local paper story about a comic-con/nerdlerbrity fest/back issue bonanza, it should be this one by Micaela Hood in the Miami Herald on this weekend’s Supercon, because it nicely captures the peaceful intermingling of the fans in their homemade costumes, the dealers selling stickers, and the aging stars with nowhere else to go. As “Comic-Con” has become a brand name for an entrainment event where you can expect all this and MORE, the various strata of con-world must learn to live with one another. Just what IS going through Richard “Shaft” Roundtree’s mind, anyway?