Fringe universe DC covers in full

Last night’s season-ending episode of Fringe included a sideways universe, and that universe included an alternate version of DC, that had its own versions of iconic covers. Geekosystem has collected the lot…so hit up the link for the whole shebang, which is pretty clever, we must admit. We don’t know if any other details of […]


Today we are giving away a GALLEY of Jason Shiga’s mind bending MEANWHILE. Using his usual amazing storytelling and logical ability. Shiga has created a book with over 3000 possible stories, using a system of color coded tabs that take you on an incredible adventure that begns with simply choosing a flavor of ice cream. […]

All is Lost: Final Friday

As the hours tick away toward the Television Event of the Decade, the New York Times giveth, the New York Times taketh away: Last night saw a big Lost event at the Paley Center in New York with many comments and cheers and spoilers: Cuse and Lindelof allowed that they can’t answer everything to everyone’s […]

Michael George bond reduced; second trial looms

It’s been quite a long time since we checked in on Michael George, comic shop owner, convention runner and accused murderer. Convicted once of killing his wife Barbara in 1990 years ago, a judge has upheld the defense’s request for a new trial and George’s bond has just been reduced from from $2.5 million to $500K. With bond approved, instead of rotting in jail while waiting for a new trial, George would be forced to wear a tether and confined to specific, court-mandated areas.

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: The movie that made being a nerd cool

Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, probably the single greatest event in the history of nerddom. STAR WARS might have been new and cool and funny and fresh, but EMPIRE was all that AND sad and tragic and shocking and filled with the kind of terror and awe that the greatest storytelling inspires. From the frozen beauty of an icy horizon studded with AT-ATs, to the steaming green swamp where Luke Skywalker begins his archetypal but unique hero’s journey, to the crimson horror of the carbon freezing chamber, to the primal red and blue of the final battle between Luke and Vader, no SF blockbuster has ever captured the imagination so cleanly and completely. It was grown up in an unself-conscious way that nothing to do with Star Wars would ever be again. (Almost certainly because it was the last one that producer Gary Kurtz would in involved with; after EMPIRE it was George Lucas all the way.)