Two book covers; Family Man and Octopus Pie

Cartoonists were showing off their upcoming books covers EVERYWHERE this week. Here’s the cover of the first collection of Dylan Meconis’s historical yet mystical webcomic, Family Man .2010-04-27-Family-Man-Volume-1-Cover.jpg And here’s a photo of Meredith Gran’s first Octopus Pie collection from Villard, coming in June. The book is shown with a cup of coffee for both scale and inspiration.

Wall Street cartoons of 1882

1882_0830_tree_650.jpg Via Super I.T.C.H The Deadly Upas Tree of Wall Street by Joseph Keppler, from Puck Magazine August 30, 1882. Click for larger version.

The march of art

In the spirit of cleaning out our email in-box, here is some promo art that came in yesterday that may be of some interest to Beat readers, including THE CRUSADES, MORNING GLORY ACADEMY, HAWKS OF OUTREMER, FCBD IRON MAN/THOR, DARKWING DUCK and SECRET PROJECT ROBOT.

Clowes on tour!

Dan Clowes is on tour this week, D&Q tells u, starting today in Washington DC. In each city, Dan will be talking with a special guest moderator complete with slide show. (and it’s a great slide show) And in Boston you get to see Ghost World after the event, with an introduction by Dan himself. […]


Another intriguing looking Viz Signature manga is coming via their partnership with IKKI Magazine, Hisae Iwaoka’s SATURN APARTMENTS. According to the blurb: Far in the future, humankind has evacuated Earth in order to preserve it. Humans now reside in a gigantic structure that forms a ring around the earth, 35,000 kilometers up in the sky. […]

San Diego sweetens the pot for Con by a cool half mil $$$

Oh, San Diego, how you have changed your tune. Increasingly serious about keeping what they now admit is tens of millions of dollars in revenue to local businesses, and the glamor and publicity that hosting the world’s biggest entertainment marketing event brings, local businesses are throwing in $500,000 to help pay for hotel shuttles to […]

More Shuster Award nominees announced

Additional nominees in the 2010 Joe Shuster Awards have been announced in the Outstanding Canadian Publisher category,as well as the Finalists for the Harry Kremer Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Retailer Award and the Comics for Kids Award. Winners will be announced at a free admission public ceremony in Toronto on the evening of Saturday, June […]

Actual comic book person meets Obama

While guest appearances in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and SAVAGE DRAGON, among many other comics, helped President Obama become as sure-fire a sales enhancement as a variant cover by Jim Lee, an actual comic book publisher has done them all one better by getting a real life shout-out from el presidente: Dr. Naif al-Mutawa, founder of Teshkeel […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/28/10

§ LINK OF THE DAY MUST READ! Over at Trouble with Comics Guest Reviewer Month Andrew Farago uncovers the secret history of the Sanford & Son Saga

Winter 1993: Ratings skyrocket during the controversial “Death of Fred Sanford” story arc that spans the entire CBS Thursday night lineup for seven weeks.

Spring 1993: Fred Sanford returns during the controversial “Death of Bubba” story arc. Ratings continue to rise.

Casting Call: Comic Book Fans REPRESENT on morning TV

Comic book fans, have you always wanted to represent our clan in the best possible light? Well here is your chance. A Major National Morning News Show is looking for comic book fans to fill their plaza on the morning of Free Comic Book Day. They encourage all ages and would love if people came […]

Full Bleed Stumptown 2010: We got a theory about magic and miracles

I’ve probably started my last three Stumptown reports with this, but I love Portland and the Stumptown Comics Festival. You could rightly say that it’s because Stumptown was the first show that I actually set up at, back in 2007 (has it only been two and a half years of being on the other side of the table?). You could, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. Comparing the Stumptown show of 2007 (in chilly October) to that of 2010 (in springtime cool April) is a tricky thing. The show has grown and been managed in such a way as to make the two very different.

2007 yielded decent attendance for an independent comics show, though was often long periods of quiet punctuated with silence. Sure, part of that was the fact that I was just selling a mini/ashcan preview then. Nobody else seemed to have any complaints about the size/speed of the show and I didn’t have anything to compare it with, though I remember it not being particularly busy most of the time (a good starter show, as opposed to jumping in with both feet to say Wonder-Con or the like.)

Turtles — true and false

TMNT.jpg Yesterday the above, somewhat disturbing photo, swept through the internets like a virus, with the breathless question : is this a leak from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?… Latino review, which first cirulated he photo, says that it’s just a class project from one of make-up master Tom Savini’s students. 4549350977_2f20660334_o.png However we are happy to report that THIS is the real deal: PIZZA TIME!… The above is Jon Vermillyea ‘s drawing, and it is not disturbing at all.

Audrey Hepburn — the best sketchbook subject ever?

2263650552_f5bbac9d48.jpg Jamie S. Rich’s sketchbook might say yes. The above is by Mike Allred, proving that many Mike Allred characters have a family resemblance to Audrey Hepburn.

Iconix buys Peanuts for $175 million

Iconix, the world’s second biggest licensing company, has acquired the licensing rights to E.W. Scripps (aka United Media’s) comic strips, including Peanuts, Dilber, Get Fuzzy and many, many others, it was reported today. The price was $175 million. As we reported a few months ago, Scripps, had put its lucrative licensing business on the block, given the problems in their other segments, including the newspaper business. The deal will be a joint venture with the family of Charles Schulz continuing to get a share of the licensing income from a previous deal.

Online media stuff

News of two new comics-related web-sites, one featuring two veteran bloggers; the other a weekly newsmagazine.

Gorillaz secret guest stars

Reader Maclaine Diemer alaerted us to this new Gorillaz video which, in addition to being just excellent, features a couple of guest stars. One is obvious — the star of many comic-bookical movies. The other — appearing at around the 4:00 mark — could be an homage to another well known character? Since this is the first part of an evolving story, perhaps this mysterious figure will be back in future installments.