Zuda leaves competition in the dust

Friday afternoon news dump as Zuda Comics, DC’s webcomic imprint, makes it official that they are leaving their competition format behind. VP of Creative Services, Ron Perazza, who has spearheaded the imprint since its inception three years ago, blogs that the competition system — in which several web strips vie each month for the majority […]

Art Attack: Kris Mukai

Let’s end the week on a big UP note with the art of Kris Mukai, whose work we first spotted in this Comics from MoCCA slideshow, and then we poked around on her blog and were like, yikes. Where are all these talented cartoonists COMING FROM?

Friday afternoon tech musings

Things have been a little erratic around Stately Beat Manor this week, and although there’s no way to write about this without sounding like a whiny ingrate, the Beat is just burnt out from some annoying ongoing problems. But now they look like they are getting partially solved so maybe happy faces are coming soon.

But before I delve into tech-moaning, I wanted to grouse about something else. I have just been going through my emails and putting together some FCBD listings — not comprehensive but if people bothered to promote their events, they should get some promotion. And I learned some things.

Top Cow Free Comic Book Day events

Top Cow Productions, Inc. is proud to announce today its plans for this weekend’s Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 1st, which takes place in comic shops across North America.  Free Comic Book Day is an annual event where participating direct market stores give out free comics to anyone that walks into their store.

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/30/10

§ A man from the Congo is trying to ban TINTIN IN THE CONGO in Belgium. Herge’s second Tintin GN is usually sold to adults only, due to some very unfortunate racism present; a court decision is expected on May 5th: Three years ago, the UK’s Commission for Racial Equality called for the book to […]

Chris Hemsworth as Thor is moody

While we’re all talking IRON MAN 2 right now, a look into the crystal ball revelas that a year hence we’ll be all yakking about the THOR movie which opens May 6, 2011, and here’s our first look at Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder, courtesy of Yahoo. As you know, Hemsworth beat out […]