Must read: Handley’s attorney comments

The Comics Journal has run a statement from Eric A Chase, attorney for Christopher Handley, the Iowa man who pled guilty to “possessing drawings of children being sexually abused.” The statement lays out the reasons why defending Handley in court would have been difficult, but also the absurdity of the crime: Chris, like most everyone […]

Marvel’s women star in HERALDS

G4 broke the news that Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic will collaborate on HERALDS, the “Marvel Women” event that there’s been some rumbling about. She-Hulk, Emma Frost Valkyrie, Hellcat, Agent Brand, and Monica Rambeau will get involved in a weekly five-issue mini dealing with a long lost herald of Galactus. Here’s the segment. Video Game […]

To Do: GIRL COMICS signing at Hanley’s

Via: Stephanie Buscema, Valerie D’Orazio, and Nikki Cook, and editors Jeanine Schaefer, Lauren Sankovitch, Rachel Pinnelas, and Sana Amanat will sign from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Jim Hanley’s Universe. Speaking of GIRL COMICS, there’s a lengthy piece in USA Today quoting many folks involved in the anthology. Although it does perpetuate a little bit […]


Jeremy Bastian’s CURSED PIRATE GIRL is one of those comics in periodical format that in an earlier era probably would have gotten a great deal of support as an independent project by a talented cartoonist with a distinctive vision, kinda steampunk, kinda old school illustration. However, in a day and age inhospitable to the serial […]

So which Marvel character has ‘FALLEN’ this time?

PREVIEWS has the exclusive unredacted cover and copy for Marvel’s upcoming FALLEN mini-series, and it seems someone has photoshopped out that shocking death that ends Siege and begins “The Heroic Age.” The SIEGE has ended and taken its toll on both sides of the battle field. The event seven years in the making has claimed […]

‘Stan’s Back!’ at BOOM! for the first time

Hero Complex confirms that the Stan’s Back viral campaign people have been buzzing about is indeed affiliated with BOOM! Studios. The Marvel legend will lend his name to a new line of three superhero comics, with one to be written by Mark Waid. The deal was done through Pow! Entertainment, Lee’s development company. Just how […]