New Taiwan news ‘toon: Coco vs. Leno vs. Zucker

After the Taiwanese CGI cartoon about Tiger Woods stunned the world, it was pretty obvious that Taiwanese CGI cartoon news recreations were the artform for a new era…but NO ONE could have predicted the game-changing genius of the new video depicting the Late Night Wars of ’10. This one has everything. A spoiler image in […]

Jellaby goes out of print

Over at his blog, Kean Soo reports that the first volume of his Jellaby series has gone out of print.. Published by Hyperion, Jellaby, a lovable monster who has adventures with a little girl, had appeared in several Flight anthologies and Soo’s own website. Ironically, tThe second volume, Monster in the City is being published […]

TCAF has website, guests

With this thrilling poster by Daniel Clowes leading the charge as it cleaves its way across the internet, a new website for theToronto Comic Arts Festival has launched. Guests for the show include Clowes, James Sturm, and more, with more to come. Exciting!

Shamus expands to Atlanta

After a few false starts, Gareb Shamus/Wizard World’s slate of media conventions has announced an expansion to Atlanta, date and venue TBA. The new Atlanta Comic Con Wizard World Convention takes over the Atlanta Comics Convention, which is run by retailer Wes Tillander. The show will expand from its present one-day status to a full-blown […]

A little bit more on Heroes 4 Haiti

Charles Brownstein has an update on Heroes 4 Haiti, the efforts of comic book folks to raise money to help ease the devastation in Haiti: Heroes 4 Haiti, a grassroots movement of artists seeking to raise money for the victims of the January 12 Haiti earthquake, launched last weekend with immediate contributions from over a […]

2010: Living In the Future

Is there anything more charming than the past’s bright-eyed view of the future? Daniel Sinker has been blogging the book 2010: Living In the Future, a 1972 children’s book by Geoffry Hoyle that envisioned a peaceful — if simply drawn — future where autos were shipped through tubes, people boarded airplanes as they might a […]

Tote with Sikoryak

Speaking of the Strand, New York’s immense used book store, they’ve just launched a new tote bag with artwork fromR. Sikoryak’s Masterpiece Comics. We have a full fleet of tote bags standing by at a moment’s notice, but even for those over toted, this is hard to resist…