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Heroes for Haiti announced

Events beyond our fantasy world continue to unfold, and no one vaguely human can fail to be horrified and moved by the images coming out of Haiti’s devastation. Artist Mike Cavallaro has organized a website, Heroes 4 Haiti with information on how concerned creators and readers can help: Heroes 4 Haiti is a grassroots movement […]

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer to wed

When the above photo of singer Amanda Palmer, taken at a NYC breakfast spot, was posted on Neil Gaiman’s Twitter feed, it did not take hawklike perception to spot the sparkler on her finger, and it’s now public that the author and Palmer are engaged. Congratulations to the happy couple! A May 2011 wedding is […]

And now, Marvel’s good deed of the day

Earlier in the week, Comix Experience retailer Brian Hibbs mentioned that a leaky toilet had flooded his store, and all but demolished his stock of Marvel Comics. His subsequent post, A Very Public Thank you to Marvel Comics shows that Marvel DOES listen…Hibbs was contacted by Marvel sales honcho David Gabriel and asked what was […]

Siege-for-Lanterns: So just why is Marvel all up in DC’s grill, anyway?

From the moment Marvel sent out its DC-tweaking press release late on Wednesday afternoon, Siege-for-Lanterns is Topic A at BarCon and in private chatter. Why? Why did Marvel turn the clock back to 2001-2, when Nü Marvel under Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada delighted in playing Scut Farkus to DC’s Ralphie at every opportunity — […]

More details of how SPIDER-MAN 4 fell apart

NY Mag’s Vulture blog’s Claude Brodesser-Akner has a lot more details on why the Raimi version of SPIDER-MAN 4 will never be. Basically, after seeing AVATAR, Raimi wanted to bringing more state-of-the-art SFX, which wouldn’t really have been ready by the 2011 release date. Also, the script had some problems, as the studio saw it. […]

Zenescope’s “Girl of the Month” contest gets some attention — UPDATED WITH PICS!!!

A little while ago we received an email from someone at Zenescope wondering why we don’t run more of their PR. In fact we had just received this gem the day before announcing the Zenescope Girl of the Month contest.   … calling all aspiring models, amateur models and fans who are interested in becoming […]

Will the next Spider-Man wear underwear? We may already know the answer.

It’s a prolific, vibrant time for internet pundits and commenters. The simple question of “Will Spider-MAn 4 suck?” has split, ameoba-like, into a whole colony of unknowns. What will Raimi do? Who wil direct? Who will be the NEW Spidey? Will The Black Cat be really hot? As far as casting Spidey goes, there’s already […]