Marvel to DC: “Eat my Siege, beeyotch”

WHOA. Marvel has just announced that they will accept trade-ins of retailers’ unsold copies of Blackest Night tie-ins for copies of a Siege variant edition. You read that right. Marvel will give you a copy of their event comics for the covers of unsold copies of DC’s event comics. The DC comics involved were all […]

News, notes, and links

§ Not comics, but Mark Evanier has the BEST headline of any on the Tonight Show Disaster: Conan the Defiant § Warren Ellis’s Freakangels message board is hosting two “residencies” in which posters can question creators. One is with Paul Duffield, artist of the FREAKANGELS webcomic. The other is with renaissance man Brandon Graham who […]

Top Shelf announces new business partnership with Johnson and Bregman

Indie comics mainstay Top Shelf, publisher of such critically acclaimed books as BLANKETS, FROM HELL, BOX OFFICE POISON, and LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, has gained a new minority owner, more funding and a first look deal via a partnership with new media entrepreneur John S. Johnson, and independent film producer Anthony Bregman. Although on the […]

GLAAD Media Awards comics nominees announced

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced their Media Award nominations today, including the comics category. The awards recognize “news coverage and entertainment programming that go beyond stock stereotypes with LGBT storylines that more fully reflect the challenges gay and transgender people face and the aspirations we hold for ourselves and our families.” […]

Archie CEO talks MoCCA and creator credits

The blogosphere has justifiably been astir over the matter of the current Archie show on display at the Museum of Cartoon and Comics Art in Manhattan. I attended the opening night in November and although it was a vibrant night full of some great artwork and great attendance, unfortunately, the first thing I noticed about […]

The march of time in photos

1981, Creation Con, New York: Mort Todd, Dan Clowes and Rick Altergott. Via Comics Comics c 1991-2, San Diego Comic-Con Jack Kirby meets his namesake, Kirby Veitch. Via Rick Veitch. 2006, WonderCon The 52 crew: Mark Waid, Wizard 52 reporter Ben Morse, Grant Morrison and Greg Rucka. Kneeling, Geoff Johns and editor Steve Wacker. Via […]