BOOK OF ELI gets the graphic novel feeling

As reported many places the upcoming post-apocalyptic actioner BOOK OF ELI starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman has a significant comics tie-in as both Chris Weston and Tommy Lee Edwards contributed significant amounts of concept art. Now both have created motion comics to support the film, which opens on January 15th. Here’s Chapter 1 by […]

2010 is the year of Spidey’s butt

Marvel has been running a promotion where puzzle pieces of the above promo art for “The Year of Spider-Man” — like when ISN’T it the Year of Spidey — have been released over time, with many comics news sites playing along. We didn’t, because the sight of MJ in a wedding dress hurls us into […]

Reading roundup: 1/4/10

WOW, lots of reading to do to get yourself ready for the new year! § You will be dumbfounded with amazement at Douglas Wolk’s list of exciting books coming out in 2010 like (above) Dan Nadel’s Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940-1980, a follow-up to his Art Out of Time anthology. § Then […]