Super Nerd Mash-Up

Yes, Mythbusters will try and build Captain James T. Kirk’s cannon, with which he took on the deadly Gorn. Can the world handle this clash of geekery? [posted by mark coale]

18 Days of Christmas: Gustaf Tenggren

Via the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, Tenggren’s illustrations for Sing For Christmas. And with that we wish you the very merriest Christmas!

Marvel to revamp their all-ages line?

Both Kevin Melrose and David Pepose note that the March solicitations state that Marvel will be ceasing publication of its last two Marvel Adventures titles — MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES and MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN — in their kid-friendly line of all-ages comics. However, it appears that it’s just paving the way for a revamp. Melrose […]

Stocking stuffin’s — 12/24/09

§ First off, Happy 10th Blogiversary to Johanna Draper Carlson and Comics Worth Reading. Consistently one of the sharpest, most independent voices out there, Johanna is on my must read list, and to think that she’s been at this for 10 years makes me feel tired. § Is every column by Tucker Stone a must […]

18 Days of Christmas: Modok and Tori Amos

18 Days of Christmas: Howard Cruse

Howard Cruse is best known for his pioneering gay-themed comics Barefootz and Wendel, and his pioneering graphic novel STUCK RUBBER BABY. You can see more of his holiday wishes at his website: BONUS! While poking around Cruse’s website — an activity we highly encourage — we found his Comics Vault, which includes a short comic […]