DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: November 2009

by Marc-Oliver Frisch Is DC’s November success made of plastic? We’ll come back to that later. First things first: How much of a success is it, anyway? What’s clear is that, thanks to “Blackest Night,” DC Comics once again dominated the comic-book Top 10 in November. And, as it turns out, the company’s 7-of-10 win […]

Couple more best of decade projects

We’re about to get out of town and looks like most everyone else has, but there are a couple of good links to keep you going over the holidays. Tom Spurgeon is running a series of interviews with prominent comics critics, each examining one of the most prominent comics of the decade. So far: Sean […]

A very quick web roundup

§ Chris Butcher is doing some serious Christmas blogging, starting with a look at POD. Most of the post is taken up with the technical objections to POD and a look at how some projects — notably Dave Sim’s recent works — will be available mostly as print-on-demand when the initial printings sell out. The […]

Don’t plan that vacation around a trip to the Frazetta museum

We haven’t been updating the Frazetta family feud, as it’s certain to just drag on and on, but Howard Frank at the Pocono Record continues to cover the story in depth. One recent story reveals that since the Frazetta paintings were removed from the museum, they are now in storage…and won’t be going back to […]

Oh, Hit-Girl


Swing Dancing Spidey

If this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will.

18 Days of Christmas: Stephen DeStefano

Stephen DeStefano is a very talented animator and cartoonist who’s worked on everything from Ren & Stimpy to The Venture Brothers, making him a hero in some households. He has a graphic novel coming out in 2010 called LUCKY IN LOVE, VOL. 1, A POOR MAN’S HISTORY, which you can read more about in his […]

18 Days of Christmas: Chester Gould

At his blog, John Adcock posts some awesome holiday greetings from classic cartoonists. Above, the cast of DICK TRACY in an uncharacteristically sanguine mood. Via Mike Lynch.