18 1/2 days of Christmas

Whew, things got a little heated around here this week! Time for other things. Let’s just go out and buy some awesome graphic novels as gifts and then kick back with some nice mulled cider! Celebrate the season! Fruitcake isn’t so bad.

Periodical defense!

Re what we love to talk about endlessly in the comments, Brian Hibbs shows up to rescue the endangered maiden pamphlet on his charger of charts. It’s an excellent essay that touches on the attention economy, the monthly payment option, and the fact that periodical sales are up in both units and dollars over the […]

Image to publish TURF by Ross and Edwards

And the first shall be last! Jonathan Ross was a comics-loving nerdlebrity LOOOOONG before it was fashionable. Granted, he’s better known in the UK than in the US — in the UK, he’s kinda of like Conan O’Brien, and here he’s the guy all your British friends seem to know about. Anyway, long after celebrity […]

New KICK-ASS posters

That’s Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy. ..and Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl. BTW, some people think these attractive, chipper posters are not the proper way to promote a dark-humored, violent, taboo-busting film that has a vulgarity in the title. I’ve said this with most of the previous character reveal banners (with the exception of Kick-Ass), but […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 12/18/09

§ The art becomes blocky, ugly computer generated stuff, and within four pages the characters have met God. God takes them skinny-dipping at the dawn of time, and then the rest of the series is devoted to Jemas’ creationist-lite beliefs about the dawn of man, which involve Wolverine, the first human. It is hard to […]