18 days of Christmas: Yamila Abraham

Yo ho yaoi!

New SANDMAN trade dress revealed

At the Vertigo Graphic Content blog, covers for 2010 paperback editions of SANDMAN are unveiled. The new editions will include the recolored interiors from the ABSOLUTE SANDMAN series.

WOLVERINE pirate charged but culprit remains at large

You may recall that last April there was great chagrin at Fox when a near-perfect workprint of WOLVERINE was uploaded a full month before the film’s planned release. The world will never know how much the film’s box office was impacted by this theft, and how much was impacted by the fact it was a […]

Studio coffee run: Singer returns to X-MEN, Thor’s mom is Russo

§ Cornered on the AVATAR red carpet, director Bryan Singer announced he’s “signed on” for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, the teen-mutants-figure-it-all-out version of the X-Men. You can see the video here for yourself. Or read it here. Singer hasn’t exactly been the mot in-demand guy since he proved to be kryptonite behind the camera for the […]

Amazon reveals secrets of EARTH ONE and MORE OGNs for DC

While DC reps remained mum about the price and format of the Earth One OGNs, they announced last week — such elements being important clues to the intended audience of said projects — Amazon was not as tightlipped, and the listing for EARTH ONE: SUPERMAN by JMS and Shane Davis reveals that it will be […]

IRON MAN 2 trailer

Larger HD version here. Wow, this movie is going to make so much money. PLUS the reality of the RDJ/Rourke face-off — two survivors of the drug-addled ’80s in a scenery chewing contest? WITH LIGHT UP WHIPS.

Viz publishes not simple

Viz is talking up another one of their intriguing, indie-style manga, this time not simple [sic] by Natsume On. It’s a done-in-one manga that will be previewed at SigIKKI.com starting in January. not simple follows Ian, a young man with a fractured family history, as he travels from Australia to England and on to America […]

GIRL COMICS: Will we ever, ever learn?

ADDED: Here’s another interview with editor Jeanine Schaefer that answers many questions, including the secret origin of the title. When I posted my little exclusive on GIRL COMICS the other day, I expected there would be the usual twiddle rompus in my comments, but I didn’t expect the full-on blogosphere firestorm of confusion and disparagement […]