IRON MAN 2 trailer

Larger HD version here. Wow, this movie is going to make so much money. PLUS the reality of the RDJ/Rourke face-off — two survivors of the drug-addled ’80s in a scenery chewing contest? WITH LIGHT UP WHIPS.

Viz publishes not simple

Viz is talking up another one of their intriguing, indie-style manga, this time not simple [sic] by Natsume On. It’s a done-in-one manga that will be previewed at starting in January. not simple follows Ian, a young man with a fractured family history, as he travels from Australia to England and on to America […]

GIRL COMICS: Will we ever, ever learn?

ADDED: Here’s another interview with editor Jeanine Schaefer that answers many questions, including the secret origin of the title. When I posted my little exclusive on GIRL COMICS the other day, I expected there would be the usual twiddle rompus in my comments, but I didn’t expect the full-on blogosphere firestorm of confusion and disparagement […]