Frazetta Heist update: Notary drops bombshell

It seems safe to say that the Pocono Record knows that they have the story of, uh, a fortnight in the Great Frazetta Art Heist. As you may recall, Frank Frazetta Jr., son of the art legend Frank Sr. was arrested last week on charges that he and two other men broke into their father’s […]


Bryan Lee O’Malley points us to this still, : which was posted in a sly, slanted form by director Edgar Wright, and then photoshopped to look rectangular by /film. That’s (l-r) Michael Cera as Scott, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers, Johnny Simmons as Young Neil, Ellen Wong as Knives Chao, Alison Pill as Kim […]

More best of the year, decade, longbox…whatevs!

“Best of” lists are coming at us thick and fast! Catch ’em all! And then complain! • Whitney Matheson has her best of the year list, and we guarantee it is unlike any other list you’ll see. • Whitney is also doing her mind-boggling 100 most inetresting people of the year feature which includes Lilli […]

18 Days of Christmas: Will Sliney

Irish artist Will Sliney of the art blog Eclectic Micks graces us with a Wayne Family Xmas. We still have some slots open, so keep the art coming, kids.

Just to be clear: The Sherlock Holmes Movie Was Not Based On A Graphic Novel

Speaking of SHERLOCK HOLMES, ACTION HERO, we’re repeating Rich Johnston’s debunking of the misinformed idea that the film was based on a graphic novel: …there is no graphic novel. There never was. It’s just easy-to-swallow PR for lazy hacks. There were however a number of commissioned illustrations by John Watkiss as part of the pitch […]

Studio Beat Round-up: Miller, XERXES, Pussycats, Kissing Jonah, etc.

§ In a chat with Geoff Boucher, Frank Miller drops word on the rumored 300 sequel. It’s called XERXES, set 10 years before 300, focusing on the battle of Marathon. Miller has “finished the plot and I’m getting started on the artwork.” With HOLY TERROR, BATMAN, the long rumored Batman vs the Terrorists project seemingly […]

Cassaday-directed Dollhouse to air this Friday

A while ago, we told you about artist John Cassaday’s plans to pursue opportunities in directing, namely helming an episode of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Via Cassaday’s website comes the news that his episode of Dollhouse, “The Attic”, will air on Friday, December 18th, at 9 pm EST on FOX. One image from the episode is […]

Gilbert Hernandez named 2009 USA Fellow in Literature

The great Gilbert Hernandez is one of this year’s eight winners of a USA Fellows 2009 Literature grant of $50,000. Jim Woodring, Joe Sacco, and Chris Ware won grants in 2006. Considering that Beto is, indeed, what you might call a national treasure, this is welcome news. More context by Carolyn Kellogg here. [Most links […]

To Do tonight: Rocketeer launch party

Tonight the Golden Apple in LA presents a launch party for The Complete Rocketeer, which FINALLY collects all the Rocketeer comics by Dave Stevens in a marvelous, newly recolored edition. WEDNESDAY NIGHT….12/16 from 6-8PM WHO…THOMAS JANE & Friends He wrote the book intro and was a good friend and fan of Dave Stevens. SEE….The Movie […]

Rickheit launches ECTOPIARY

Hans Rickheit’s THE SQUIRREL MACHINE was one of the year’s most dazzling surprises — an extremely creepy and imaginative tale that made an indelible impression and announced the maturation of a unique talent. Rickheit has announced he’s serializing his new comic on the web. It’s called ECTOPIARY: ECTOPIARY is a graphic novel in the making. […]

Billy Hazelnuts 2!

The ever indispensable Flog blog points us to exciting Tony Millionaire news: First, so as not to bury the lede: Tony Millionaire is on Twitter. This is major. So far he is on a roll; among his postings is this sneak peek at the long-awaited sequel to the Eisner-winning Billy Hazelnuts, Billy Hazelnuts and the […]

Huizenga’s Postcard from Fielder

Kevin Huizenga continues to explore the wonder of the quotidian.

San Diego sellout contest ends today at noon

Since Saturday is rapidly approaching sellout any day now — yesterday’s little San Diego guessing contest ends today at noon. The thread will be closed, responses recorded, and then…the waiting game begins.