DreamWorks options I SAW YOU

Wait a minute, help may be on the way for uninsured Julia Wertz! Andrea McCloud’s script based on I SAW YOU, the book she edited, has been picked up by DreamWorks after a bidding war for somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000. Company ponied up mid-six figures for the romantic comedy pitch, which sparked a […]

Cartoonists and insurance

It’s about time cartoonists got embroiled in the fun, easy-to-understand debate over health insurance currently going on. Julia Wertz , author of Fart Party, appears on Time.Com explaining that she has a disease — lupus– and no health insurance. That’s a problem. Evan Dorkin responds with many thoughts on how freelancers can get coverage and […]

AFI’s Top 10 includes two ‘toons

The American Film Institute has released its annual list of 10 notable films: Coraline The Hangover The Hurt Locker The Messenger Precious: Based On The Novel “Push” By Sapphire A Serious Man A Single Man Sugar Up Up In The Air While none of the movies with “9” in the title made it — 9, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 12/14/09

§ Must read: The Daily Cross Hatch polled cartoonists for their Best of 2009 lists and more than 40 replied. § Douglas Wolk posts The Best Graphic Novels of 2009 for Barnes and Noble. § Fantagraphics/TCJ honcho Gary Groth steps onto the balcony of his stronghold to to address the throng and gives a very […]

RIP Irving Tripp

Steve Bissette was first to break the news that Irving Tripp, collaborator with John Stanley on many of the great Little Lulu stories, died in November at age 88. Tripp was an artist for Dell Comics in the ’40s and ’50s who teamed with Stanley. Stanley would write the Lulu stories in thumbnail fashion and […]

Cho and Millionaire classic posters for sale

Art Director Paul Buckley directs our attention to the fact that two of the cartoonist-themed covers for the Penguin Classics series are now available as posters: White Noise by Michael Cho and Moby Dick by Tony Millionaire. Surely there is someone on your shopping list who might like these fine graphics? Although personally, we would […]