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MST3K ON HULU Joel AND Mike episodes. Only 5 so far, but hey, one of them is the great GIANT GILA MONSTER. Posted by Mark Coale

Real Batman pretends to be Elseworlds Batman as Bruce Wayne returns

This morning’s DC news reveal is the return of Bruce Wayne, who was Lost-ed into the time-flux during a big battle with Darkseid at the end of Final Crisis. Since then, Robin has been Batman and Batman’s stinky kid has been Robin. The real Bruce Wayne will return in April in a six-issue mini-series called, […]

Techland’s best comics from one guy’s collection

Time’s nerd site, Techland has named its top ten comics of the decade,, or at least contributor Mike Williams has, and it’s pretty depressing. 1. The Ultimates 2. 100 Bullets 3. Planetary 4. All Star Superman 5. The Walking Dead 6. The Authority 7. Mouseguard 8. Blankets 9. Invincible 10. Y The Last Man Not […]

SLJ’s Best Comics for Kids 2009

Katherine Dacey at School Library Journal’s Good Comics For Kids blog lists their Best Comics for Kids for 2009. Paging Buddy Saunders! Paging all comics retailers — librarians say these are good comics for kids, so check ‘em out! The post has lots of commentary and reviews but here’s a raw list: Adventures in Cartooning […]

The Cartoonist doc to air on PBS stations

The Boneville blogs reports that The Cartoonist will be airing on some PBS TV stations over the next few weeks. The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, BONE and the Changing Face of Comics is a documentary by Mills James about the Bone creator and his journey to bring the story of the Bones to life. The film […]

News, Views, Notes — 12-09-09

§ DC continues its week of announcements. Yesterday it was War of the Supermen, and this time the internet greatly took exception to the cover, by JG Jones. Chris Butcher: The 5 Things Wrong With DC’s War Of The Supermen #0 Cover. Butcher cites such elements as Superman’s expression, Supergirl’s vacant look, a bad scan, […]

18 days of Christmas: R.O. Blechman

This animation style was hugely influential in the ’60s. Art directed by Gene Dietch. Via the D&Q blog. Reminder, please send us your art links for this ongoing feature!

EARTH ONE: Frank and Davis speak

Over at Newsarama, Vaneta Rogers interviewed Gary Frank and Shane Davis, the artists on respectively, Batman and Superman for the new EARTH ONE line. While Frank (his greatly Langella-esque Alfred above) was greatly motivated by the desire to work with writer Geoff Johns – “if Geoff said right now that he was writing his version […]