Earth One: the retail perspective

Today’s big DC news story is WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, the big Superman event for 2010 everyone has been speculating over. James Robinson and Eddy Barrow kick things off with a Free Comic Book Day issue. While surely notable, the announcement of a new crossover storyline has failed to ignite the website-crashing uproar that yesterday’s […]

Non-payment updates: Devil’s Due, Dabels

It’s been no secret that even as comics have been enjoying better-than-those-around-them economic results in the Great Recession, a few companies have been late with creator payments. Bleeding Cool has been doing the best job of covering these stories, and interviews Devil’s Due head Josh Blaylock on what is a huge debt, blamed on the […]

CON! 2010: San Diego Hotels, guests

SThe 2010 San Diego Comic-Con has updated its website with the first list of guests: Sergio Aragonés Brian Michael Bendis Berkeley Breathed Kurt Busiek Chris Claremont Mark Evanier Matt Fraction Nicholas Gurewitch Keith Knight Jim Lee Stan Lee Paul Levitz Larry Marder Carla Speed McNeil China Miéville Robert M. Overstreet Douglas E. Richards James Sturm […]

Google honors Segar

Google is doing one of its birthday tributes to E. C. Segar, creator of Popeye. It’s the 115th anniversary of Segar’s birth. The Guardian has a nice profile: Popeye the Sailor – who famously attributed his strength “to the finish” to his consumption “of spinach” – first entered the public consciousness in January 1929, in […]