News, notes, and photos from Brooklyn

As we walked around the room at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on Saturday, we asked folks what was coming up for 2010 and got a few newsy notes Perhaps the biggest news was confirmation that Randy Chang’s Bodega Distribution is taking 2010 OFF. Chang said he’s closing down sales on the website and […]

DC announces EARTH ONE graphic novel line

DC is revamping its Big Two with new origins and new “Jump on in!” continuities. Again. But the twist this time? It’s in GRAPHIC NOVEL FORMAT, a marked shift away from the Wednesday crowd in a search to get new readers and a move towards DC’s long-rumored “Ultimization” of their core books. Announced this morning […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/7/09

§ Your must reading link: Abhay Khosla analyzes Dark Reign in terms of vagina dentata, Freud’s theories of the head as symbol of secret desires, the castration anxiety behind many of Marvel’s most recent event comics: The obvious conclusion to draw from DARK REIGN: THE LIST– X-MEN #1 is that at the close of 2009, […]