Exclusive: Dynamite acquires Dabel Brothers titles

The much traveled fantasy adaptation imprint run by the Dabel Brothers has been acquired by Dynamite Entertainment. Les and Ernest Dabel have made a name for themselves over the past decade by making deals with the top authors in fantasy and SF to adapt their works to comics format — George R. R. Martin, Laurell […]

TINTIN as you’ve never seen him before!

In Welsh!

YES!! Kenneth Smith blogs!

One of the print world’s proudest traditions has finally come online as Kenneth Smith has begun to blog at TCJ.com with a breezy little squib called Privatism, Idiotism, “Atomism”: Modern Isolationism. A philosopher/artist who did some covers for EERIE and CREEPY back in the day, with a pointillist/Virgil Finlay/Corben-esque style, Smith is best known these […]

Harvey Pekar Week

You still have two days to celebrate the dean of autobio comics at Graphic NYC. Today: the origin of Harvey’s head. Previously: How to Draw Harvey Pekar by Rick Parker Dean Haspiel’s Anatomy Of An American Splendor Cover American Splendor’s Inimitable Harvey Pekar on The Pekar Project

Buffy + Twilight = Obama

Wow, if you wanted to come up with a formula for getting traffic, that would do it, right? Yesterday, CBR previewed issue #40 of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, with the reveal of the big villain who’s been plaguing them for a while, one (you’re not going to believe this) Twilight. They even teased a blurred […]

CON WARS: Wizard blinks against Star Wars

Well, well, things are moving fast on the Midwestern front! Early this morning a press release went out announcing that Reed Expositions and Lucasfilms were partnering for Celebration V, the occasional all things Star Wars convention thrown in the past by Lucasfilms on its own. The date? August 12-15, 2010 in Orlando. The same date […]

The Marvels of Dubai

Concept art by Chimera Design from the long-planned Dubai World Marvel Super Heroes Theme Park is making the rounds, and its pretty jaw-dropping. While Dubai’s role as the crazy and wasteful oasis of surreal excess may have been scaled back a bit by the Great Recession, this is still in the planning stages. At a […]

Taiwanese Tiger Woods cartoon redeems this mess

Now that Tiger Woods has done his Media Walk of Shame, it’s time to turn the page and get back to lambasting celebrities who LIKE all that attention, like Phoebe Price or Bai Ling. However, before we go, this Second Life style animated recreation from a Taiwanese news station may just be the best thing […]

Looking back at the Aughts: Vig and Sean still have it

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, film magazine Empire recently commissioned a photo gallery of stars reprising their iconic roles. Although it’s been 10 years since they made the LORD OF THE RINGS films — surely one of the most successful creative undertakings of the ten-year period about to pass — Boromir and Aragorn (aka Sean […]