DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: October 2009

by Marc-Oliver Frisch Gotham, we have a problem. The general consensus seems to be that DC Comics had a particularly great month in October, but that’s not quite true. Despite making a spectacle of the Top 300 chart by claiming — literally for the first time in ages — all of the Top 6 spots, […]

Comics news; WWE, Lady Gaga

A tradition long lacking from the comics shelves — wrestling comics! — is being remedied by Titan publishing. The increasingly comics active UK-based publisher launches WWE Heroes in March, with scripting by Keith Champagne and art by Andy Smith. At least 20 issues are planned, featuring Triple H®, Undertaker®, Randy Orton®, Batista®, Shawn Michaels®, Big […]

Corto Maltese video game announced

Sproing Interactive has announced Corto Maltese: The Fable of Venice Coming for the Nintendo DS next fall. The game will be developed by Cong SA. Players of this puzzle/adventure game will romp through early 20th century Venice while solving mysteries and mini puzzle challenges and meeting oddball characters. The MacGuffin is a gem called Solomon’s […]

HABIBI progresses

With ASTERIOS POLYP, and Crumb’s GENESIS finally, FINALLY published and in our hands, and Joe Sacco’s FOOTSTEPS IN GAZA galleys making the rounds, it may be that Craig Thompson’s HABIBI is now the Godot of graphic novels. Since the success of BLANKETS in 2003 — one of the best loved (by readers anyway) and influential […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 12/2/09

§ We haven’t seen this “beautifully sad” comic BADGER: THEN AND NOW by Howard Hardiman, but after reading about it on the Forbidden Planet blog, we want to. § Colorist and teacher Jose Villarubia is profiled in the online bmore magazine. § The producers of Time’s Techland blog wanted us to alert you that they […]