Children’s comics: A not-so-phantom menace

As someone who spent the entire decade of the ’90s trying to convince comics industry players that kids liked to read comics — while editing comics featuring the world’s most popular characters, no less — I can only nod and smile tightly at Chris Butcher’s latest blog post. Butcher has mostly been on blogging hiatus […]

Were the ’90s really a golden age of cartoons?

Cartoon Brew, the essential Cartoon blog by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi, has a fascinating post on TV animation in the ’00s that mirrors many of our own ongoing discussions over comics: How many shows debuted in the past decade that were entertaining, made a lasting impact on their audience, and have a shot at […]

Desperado joins IDW

IDW has collected all kinds of imprints over the last year or so — Robert Bloch, the Library of American Comics, Worthwhile Books, Blue Dream Studios, EA Comics, and so on. And now, Desperado is joining the IDW banner. Under the guidance of publisher/editor Joe Pruett, Desperado has been its own publishing company, then a […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/23/09

§ Over at io9, Graeme McMillan has an insightful post entitled Why James Rhodes Is Comics’ Ideal Black Hero: If there’s one rule for black superheroes, it’s that they’re never the stars of the show (Or, at least, not for very long; attempts like Black Lightning or the Milestone books are always, sadly, done in […]

Prints by Marc Bell and Al Columbia available

Gabe at Desert Island writes to tell us of two bitchin’ prints by Marc Bell and Al Columbia which are available for order for $30 each. Maybe your readers will enjoy these small-edition handmade prints from two of the most exciting art-comics guys around. They’re both signed, a steal at $30, and won’t be around […]

TWILIGHT ruined THE DARK KNIGHT’s record opening!

Fangirls now have bragging rights over fanboys, as TWILIGHT: NEW MOON shattered the opening day box office record — previously held by THE DARK KNIGHT — with $72.7 million. It also set a midnight showing record with $26.3 million. The weekend take of $135.6 milliion was the third biggest ever — behind DARK KNIGHT and […]

RIP Ken Krueger

Ken Krueger, a co-founder of the San Diego Comic-Con and an influential figure in comics publishing and retailing on the West Coast in the formative era of the Direct Market, passed away over the weekend. Krueger owned Alert Books in Ocean Beach and helped Shel Dorf and other comics enthusiasts get what would eventually be […]