Two couples out for a stroll

Melinda Gebbie, Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell and his wife Anne, out and about in Northampton, UK. Via Campbell’s blog.:

OJINGOGO returns

Chris Oliveros announces a new edition of Matthew Forsythe’s OJINGOGO. We need more of this!

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/18/09

§ Shouldn’t we just run a feed of Comics Comics here since we link to almost EVERY post? Anyway, Dan Nadel shares the contents of his mental desk drawer, including a contemplation of George Wunder, (above). Where are all the letters and such? Where are the diary entries that explain his inky grotesques? He had […]

Were ’90s movies as unoriginal as Aught movies?

Just to follow up on the earlier post about how only one movie in the top 20 highest grossing films of the Aughts was based on an original idea, lets check out the ’90s to see how they compare. Original stories are in RED. 1 Titanic — ORIGINAL 2 Star Wars – Episode 1 – […]

2010 Eisner Award judges announced

Via PR, this year’s Eisner Award judges have been announced: Comic-Con International is proud to announce that the judging panel has been named for the 2010 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. This blue-ribbon committee will be choosing the nominations to appear on the Eisner Awards ballot. This year’s judges are: 

Gilbert Hernandez’s THE TROUBLEMAKERS previewed

Is there a new book by Gilbert Hernandez out every time we turn around — or is that just an illusion? Either way, we win, since Hernandez is one of the greatest comics storytellers of the age. To show how, CBR previews THE TROUBLEMAKERS, his latest pulp graphic novel, just out from Fantagraphics.

DC writer reveals the big secret of death

Now, I know it may be hard to believe sometimes because of all the “deaths” that occur in comics, especially right now in the DCU, but there’s not always a mandate where we sit around and say, “Who we gonna kill this time out?” XXXXX’x death came to be simply by the organic flow of […]

Is Rich Ross going to save Hollywood?

People are reporting that new Disney head Rich Ross has pulled the last project his predecessor — Dick Cook — had in the hopper, a costly reboot of the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea franchise. Disney had already spent $10 million on preproduction — some models were even displayed at this year’s San Diego con […]