What do women like? Part XLVIII

UPDATE: Above, the cover to the Juice cover story (Thanks, Steve Stahl.)Johanna comments on a particularly dopey “trick your woman into liking comics” article entitled Can women learn to enjoy comics?: Kate Dacey asks why the most recent of those “trick your woman into liking comics” (as she puts it) columns didn’t include any comics […]

Gene Luen Yang collection at SLG

SLG has released details of a collection of early stories by National Book Award-nominee Gene Luen Yang, ANIMAL CRACKERS. The past few years have been a whirlwind of success for American Born Chinese author Gene Luen Yang, and now SLG Publishing is collecting his earliest published comics works, Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the […]

Spielberg/Smith OLD BOY is no more

Those of you savvy enough to predict that a planned adaptation of the OLD BOY manga by Steven Spielberg and Will Smith was extremely unlikely to ever be made were RIGHT ON THE MONEY, Latino Review reports. Yet, it was not the idea of two of America’s most beloved filmmakers adapting a bleak, violent, disturbing […]

First KICK-ASS trailer

Trailer Park | MySpace Video “That looks cool. What is it?” “Kick-Ass!” “I know it is, but what’s the movie called?” “Kick-Ass!” “RIGHT! I love the idea of super violent children in costumes. But WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE MOVIE?” “KICK-ASS!” Etc., etc.

BATMAN logo designer discovered

If you are interested in comics history and design issues, master letterer Todd Klein has got the blog for you. And now he’s done some real archaeological digging by discovering the creator of the Batman logo seen above — which was in use until 1965.