Indie Month-to-Month Sales: September 2009

By Matthew Murray Only two non Marvel/DC titles made the top 100 this month, as both companies put out a higher than usual number of comics. Buffy regained top spot as best selling non-big two comic, while Archie held up better than many people expected. Further down the list I’ve included every indie comic from […]

Study: 1 in 10 readers read comics

But wait! Maybe comics are not ruined. The brief of some kind of data crunch by Simba Information suggests that things may be better than ever as far as “comic books” are concerned: Study: One in 10 Adult Book Buyers Read Comics From the outside, comic books may appear like a peculiar subculture. But be […]

Two men who ruined comics: Giordano, Morrison

So who REALLY ruined comics? Was it former DC executive editor Dick Giordano? As the DCU show runner from 1983-93, Giordano oversaw the comics during the rise of the direct market, the widening of DC’s material, and the twin peaks of DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN. But reached in retirement, he has regrets, among them the […]

Angoulême: Go or no go?

A lot has been written recently on the future of 2010’s Angoulême comics fest — unfortunately, most of it was written in French, so The Beat doesn’t know exactly what was said. The Forbidden Planet blog uses superior language skills to interpret reports as saying that next year’s show is indeed endangered, due to costs […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/10/09

§ Top read: Over at Graphic NYC, Tom Hart explores some modes of storytelling via two movie directors: David Mamet and Werner Herzog are the Apollo and Dionysis of movie-making. Forgive me, I’m pitting them against each other partially because they’ve each created works I adore, but also because Mamet himself has in essence already […]

Drew Friedman’s new book

Drew Friedman writes of his upcoming collection of illos: This is my cover for the upcoming book, “The Kingdom of New York”, the Best of the New York Observer, due out later this month from Harper Collins. Aside from 20 years of articles, columns and reviews, the book will feature hundreds of covers by Victor […]

Hours of fun: Curious Pages

Curious Pages, a blog of children’s books, by award-winning illustrator Lane Smith and a guy named Bob. Above, THE CARROT SEED by Ruth Krauss and Crockett Johnson, 1945. Below, Den Rode Kuffert by Elin Bing