DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: September 2009

by Marc-Oliver Frisch More “Blackest Night” and more Batman make September another good month for DC Comics’ periodical business. This year’s retelling of Superman’s origin doesn’t set the charts on fire, on the other hand, despite the big-ticket creative team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank — maybe it’s time to retire the character. In […]

This weekend, it’s KING CON

King Con, a new Brooklyn-themed convention, kicks off this weekend at the Lyceum, spotlighting the abundant cartooning talent of “America’s Fourth Largest City”. The guest list is very heavy on online folks — ComiXology, ACT-I-VATErs and Zudites — but that kind of points out where emerging and established cartoonists are hanging out these days. Other […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 four-day passes sold out

OH DEAR GOD. When we woke up this morning we had saved THIS graphic from the SDCC website: with the intention of staging a contest to see who could guess the sellout date, which we, foolishly, thought might be in December. Obviously the info was updated this morning and…all gone. According to the web site, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/6/09

§ Chris Butcher finally gets around to the most perfect example of three-act structure in three panelsever accomplished, Evan Dorkin’s classic “The Moron Bomb.” § Chris Mautner interviews Eddie Campbell in advance of next week’s COMPLETE ALEC: A: I don’t feel that I’m telling my ‘life story’ as though I have done something interesting that […]

Can the Spidey musical overcome its greatest foes? UPDATE

UPDATE: It seems that today is the day of decision, as the NY Times and Post report. Today a meeting is being held to decide the future of the show. Fingers crossed! John Horn in the LA Times finally has a fully researched–he’s even read the script– story on the sprawling mess that is the […]

Studio coffee run: KICK-ASS posters; Who is Boo-Boo?; etc

¶ IGN has revealed a set of four posters for KICK-ASS. WARNING: the poster descriptions contain spoilers aplenty. ¶ Some kind of horrible live/CGI mutant version of YOGI BEAR is being planned, and Dan Aykroyd is believed to be voicing Yogi, while Justin Timberlake may be Boo Boo. Somehow, we just can’t wrap our head […]

To do today: Montreal, San Francisco

Montreal’s Galerie Monastiraki opens a new exhibition of work by James Kochalka (AMERICAN ELF, MONKEY VS ROBOT) today, with a vernissage and musical performance by Kochalka. The show runs through December 4 and will feature about 66 of Kochalka’s small 2×2 inch paintings, which are quite cute. For those in the Bay Area, Kochalka will […]

Tintin gallery makes all others seem weak

Comics Alliance has a smashing look at a sketchbook featuring Tintin by Dozens of Comics Artists and as fearsomely sweet as Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Tintin is, we think you will agree — Kate Beaton was born to draw Captain Haddock. Please click the link to check them all out!

Marc Bernardin leaves EW

As reported in a Twitter posting, Marc Bernardin was among those let go at Entertaiment Weekly yesterday, part of a general bloodbath at Time Inc. this week — as many as 500 employees are expected to be let go. Bernardin, who received the news while on vacation, tweeted: Ladies and gentlemen, my 15-yr tenure at […]

11/7 To Do — and how — this weekend: Groening, Barry, Ware, Feiffer

The Chicago Humanities Festival this weekend presents the pen-ultimate panel, entitled “The Not-So-Funny Situation of Alternative Comix” and featuring Matt Groening, Lynda Barry, Jules Feiffer, and Chris Ware. Tickets are $5. We are likely living in the golden age of graphic novels and alternative comics, but the artists themselves are facing what may be the most […]

Imaginova baffled by beaver?

The recent news of Newsarama’s sale to TopTenReviews.com has kind of faded into the woodwork — the site seems to have just kept on going, the only change a new list of sister sites at the bottom of each page. The change was probably for the best. It’s no secret that Newsarama’s previous owners, Imaginova, […]

You know the saying “All things to all people”…?

I think this is it. Via Engrishfunny.com