Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: September 2009

By Paul O’Brien It’s an unusually hectic month on Marvel’s release schedule. Aside from the usual raft of Dark Reign tie-ins, major releases include the OLD MAN LOGAN one-shot, the second month of the relaunched Ultimate imprint, the DARK AVENGERS/UNCANNY X-MEN crossover “Utopia”, the LIST one-shots, and relaunches of SPIDER-WOMAN and MOON KNIGHT. As usual, […]

Diamond October: a big month for DC

Diamond has released their Top Ten list, covering direct market sales for October, and Blackest Night spells Biggest Sales for DC, as they have the top six comics for the month. Marvel remains the top publisher, and OLD MAN WOLVERINE was the top graphic novel. Perhaps the biggest surprise for us — the strong showing […]

STRAY BULLETS art for sale

With a new house to pay for, for the first time EVER, David Lapham is selling original art from STRAY BULLETS. If only we had a spare $500 lying around. While linking to this site, we became aware of the fact that you can read the first four issues of STRAY BULLETS online for free. […]

Thought for the day

Dash Shaw suggests art schools “Teach House Styles”: The more outdated and inapplicable the house style is, the better. They only have the understanding; they’re not being bred for a specific job that currently exists. Comments are a must read, as always.

To do today: Portland, OR

Floating World Comics in PDX is hosting two events tonight! First up, at 6 PM, Abby Denson will be signing her new book DOLLTOPIA as part of her West Coast tour. We’re told there will also be free cupcakes for everyone, and a prize for whoever brings the most “punked up” doll. Then, at 7 […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/5/09

§ All the way back in September we interviewed Jeffrey Brown at his SPX panel, and he admitted one of his dreams was to write a story for Marvel Comics. Now he has a blog post called Childhood Dream: Check. And this is why. § PvP’s Scott Kurtz — who has not exactly kept his […]