EXCLUSIVE Preview: STRANGE TALES #3 Brown and Hornschemeier

Let’s just keep this Art Day here at Stately Beat Manor. Here’s a preview of Marvel’s STRANGE TALES #3, on sale TOMORROW, with an EXCLUSIVE page from Jeffrey Brown and two pages from Paul Hornschemeier’s Nightcrawler tale.

More morning art: UP retro posters — UPDATE

This is not comics, too, but we’re all big Pixar fans here, right??? Plus one detects perhaps a bit of influence from some of our favorite Pixar-based cartoonists here, as well. UPDATE: Artist Paul Conrad writes to give credits — Eric Tan did the “Journey into the Wild” (with the dogs). Craig Foster did the SAA South […]

Brendan McCarthy’s Dr. Strange

The insanely talented Brendan McCarthy is writing and drawing aDr. Strange series for Marvel’s Marvel Knights imprint, to be entitled FEVER. McCarthy and Steve Cook will collaborate on the coloring. Here’s a test promo for the series.

Morning wake up art: Soviet War Paintings

This link has been making the rounds and it’s Not Comics, but it’s so worth a look: Soviet War Paintings. To the horrors of war, you can add cold, bleak, brutal images rendered in rigid, propagandistic art styles.

To do today: Political Cartooning in NYC

Tonight at 6:30 PM, four of New York’s best political cartoonists, Eric Drooker (FLOOD, BLOOD SONG), Tom Hart (HUTCH OWEN), Tim Kreider (THE PAIN), and Peter Kuper (SPY VS SPY, STICKS AND STONES), will discuss the historical and ongoing conversation between political cartoons, New York City, and the public in a panel discussion with Bill […]