Best Books of 2009 — PW and Amazon weigh in

Publishers Weekly has published its Best Books of 2009 list and David Small’s STITCHES was named one of the Top Ten books OVERALL. There is also a Best 11 graphic novels: Parker: The Hunter, Darwyn Cooke and Richard Stark (IDW) Driven by Lemons, Josh Cotter (AdHouse) Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth,Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos […]

More on The Comics Journal’s digital evolution

Busy Kiel Phegley talks to Gary Groth, Michael Dean, and Kristy Valenti about the digital future of The Comics Journal. Among the very good news: Shaenon Garrity, Robert Clough, and the Hooded Utilitarians gang of Noah Berlatsky and Ng Suat Tong will be contributing, as will R. Fiore and Kenneth Smith. Groth has more on […]

Crumb still shocking

R. Crumb’s appearance at Virginia Commonwealth University last week has led to a campus controversy, with his comments on rape and misogyny igniting complaints from students and statements from officials: Timothy Patterson, a Richmond College senior, cited a quote from Crumb’s speech in his response to The Collegian: “Every woman has a rape fantasy. Every […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/2/09

§ While we were poking around artist Tom Fowler’s website for Halloween, we found this cartoon which portrays writer Jeff Parker and nicely sums up some of the differing stresses of creating comics. As for why Parker is an alligator…you’ll just have to read the link. § Imagine one of the world’s greatest cities hosting […]

Halloween wrap-up

There are about a billion comics/Halloween photos up on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, but we’ll just steal two. Marion Vitus Tom Neely In trends, we noticed that ORIGINAL STAR TREK costumes far, far, far outnumbered STAR WARS costumes, a demographic shift showing that this year’s movie definitely did the job of making TREK cool and […]