End of Days: Comics on The View

2012 came a little early today: Vinnie Tartamella writes to tell us that Bluewater’s comics biographies were discussed on The View today, specifically the Barbara Walters edition, for which Tartamella provided the cover. For those who work during the day, The View is an hourlong discussion show in which a variety of colorful yentas talk […]

SLG announces San Jose Comics Festival

Although now known as part of the San Diego Comic-Con’s portfolio of events, APE, the alternative Press Expo, as the brainchild of SLG president Dan Vado, and was held in San Jose for its first few years. Although Vado’s involvement with APE ended a while ago, he’s back at it with the San Jose Comics […]

Play along with Scott Edelman: Guess the Mystery Artist!

At his LJ, which often explores comics fandom and history of the early ’70s, Scott Edelman unearths an issue of Comics Reader from June 1973 with a cover by a “future comic-book writer and editor, not at all known for being an artist.” We’ve posted a bit of the cover — go over to Scott’s […]

Studio coffee run 11/30/09 — THE LOSERS, Smallville

• Despite a 70 percent drop-off, TWILIGHT stayed atop the Thanksgiving box office. But it got some competition from a film where Sandra Bullock mentors an offensive tackle, proving that teaming up somebody small and cute with somebody big and scary (but likable) still works! • The first official photos from THE LOSERS have been […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 11/30/09

§ Charles Hatfield reminds us that JH Williams IIIis a total badass who is able to mix formalist experimentation with affecting and evocative storytelling. And then there’s JH Williams III, in whom graphic experimentation, the demands of narrative drawing, and the conventions of genre are perfectly counterpoised. These days, in the wake of the so-called […]

Truly thankful

The Beat definitely lapsed into blog-silence this holiday weekend, but it was for a very good cause — the ongoing re-shelving and organization of our Hoarders-like graphic novel library. While we had the idea of the end result being the comics equivalent of Cribs — a Shelf Porn pictorial — we realized that releasing too […]